1947 Ke Mazalim Ki Kahani by Tariq Mehmood Pdf 

Book Name: 1947 Ke Mazalim Ki Kahani

The Writer: Tariq Mehmood

Introduction to the Book:

1947 Ke Mazalim Ki Kahani by Tariq Mehmood Pdf, is the tragic story of the sacrifices made by Muslims for Pakistan. In India, Muslims have been living together for centuries with Sikhs and Hindus in India. There has never been such a strained relationship between them.

The Sikhs became thirsty for the blood of Muslims after the announcement of the partition of India.  The Sikhs attacked the Muslim settlements and brutally martyred the children. The Muslim convoys that migrated from the Indian cities to Pakistan were abducted by their young girls. Many refugees were trying to reach Pakistan by train.

Critical Analysis of the Book:

The train filled with the bodies of the refugees and the injured. Patiala East Punjab was an important state of India where Muslims had a large population. Muslims were living in peace and tranquility, but as soon as the establishment of Pakistan was announced, the market for the massacre was heated everywhere.

The author has penned the stories of the above massacre from the refugees. These stories are so tragic and tragic that it makes it difficult for them to stop tears.

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Author’s Introduction:

Hakeem Tariq Mahmood belongs to Bahawalpur City, Punjab and he is running a larger health center in Lahore called the Hospital in Lahore, besides printing a magazine called Monthly Abakri, which is very much in medical circles.

They also have very good taste in writing and compilation. Hakim Tariq is a very educated physician. Bahawalpur Medical College in Greek gave a certificate to him. In addition, he has obtained a master’s degree in Urdu language and literature from the Islamic University of Bahawalpur.

Hakim Tariq has obtained M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees from major US universities. Apart from Greek, he has written several books on the topic of the history of Pakistan and spirituality.

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