Mukashifat  ul Quloob by  Imam Ghazali Urdu Pdf

Book Name: Mukashifat ul Quloob

The Writer: Imam Ghazali

Introduction to the Book:

Mukashifat ul Quloob by  Imam Ghazali Urdu Pdf is an authoritative book on Urdu, Islamic Sufism, and Islamic ethics. The author of this book is the famous Islamic scholar, and philosopher, Imam Ghazali. It is a very famous and authentic book of Sufism.

The original book is in Persian language and the translations of this book have been done in all important languages of the world. The Urdu translation of this book has been done by Mufti Taqaddas Ali Khan. In this book; Imam Ghazali has described the moral teachings of Islam and its virtues.

Mukashifat  ul Quloob Urdu by Imam Ghazali Urdu Translation:

 Also, he has described the moral diseases and suggested their treatment in light of Islamic teachings. Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak and Hazrat Sri Saqati, have shed light on the living conditions and their Sufi teachings in detail.

In this book, Hazrat Imam Ghazali has given valuable arguments on the following topics.

  • Statement of Judgment Day
  • Statement of Pul Sarat
  • Description of Heaven
  • Description of hell
  • Statement of the members of Islam
  • Statement of the virtues of the Prophets
  • Statement of the excellence of Awliya Allah
  • Explanation of the virtues of a halal sustenance
  • Statement of Dabat al-Arz
  • A statement of the creation of the universe

Introduction of Hazrat Imam Ghazali, Author of the book:

Imam Ghazali was born in the city of Tus, Iran. He received his primary education from various Madrasahs in the city of Tus. He received his Islamic studies from the Nizami University of Baghdad.

Adopted He also continued the work of writing and compiling while teaching. Imam Sahib was a great scholar, Sufi, and theologian of the Islamic world. Imam Ghazali’s books on Sufism, Islamic ethics, and Islamic philosophy is famous all over the world.

He received rich spiritual guidance and education from his mentor Sheikh Bu Ali Farmadi. studied and critically evaluated them. You fully condemned the philosophical thoughts of these philosophers.

He modernized the ideas of Greek philosophy in light of Islamic teachings.

Famous Books of Imam Ghazali:

  1. Keemya e Saadat
  2. Ahya ul Aloom
  3. Maqasid ul Filasfa
  4. Makashfa tul Quloob
  5. Minhaj-ul-Abidin
  6. Jawahir ul Quran
  7. Naseehat ul Malook
  8. Meezan ul Amal

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