Aan Novel by Meerab Hayat PDF

Book Name: Aan

The Writer: Meerab Hayat

Introduction to the Book:

Aan is a social romantic Urdu novel written by a famous lady novelist of the Urdu language Meerab Hayat. It is a short and concise Urdu novel with a not-too-long story. The total number of pages of this novel is six hundred. This story is one of the few popular novels by Meerab Hayat.

It is the story of a young man who wants to forcefully marry a beautiful girl from a middle-class family at the expense of wealth. The girl is very brave, so she refuses to do any such marriage. The rich young man threatens to make the girl a lesson for refusing the marriage and plans to take revenge on her.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The protagonist of the story of the novel under comment is a decent young man who belongs to a rich family. His father is a very bad businessman who owns many shopping centers and garment manufacturing units. That his only son should take over and develop his business.

But this young man is romantic and spends most of his time in sports, studies, and meeting girls. He has no interest in managing his own business. He has many girlfriends with whom he keeps in touch all the time. However, there is not one girl among all whom he chooses as his life partner.

He is looking for a girl to marry him who truly likes and loves him. A few days ago he has chosen a girl who can prove to be a perfect wife for him. In the first meeting with the girl, he has fallen in love with her and has proposed to her for marriage.

Aan by Meerab Hayat Part 1:

But he was shocked when the girl flatly refused to marry him. Despite the boy’s insistence, she rejected his offer of marriage. The girl said that she likes another boy and wants to marry him. After the girl rejected the offer, this rich young man came to take revenge on her.

He realizes that his self-respect has been irreparably damaged. Therefore, he must take revenge for his dishonor. The author of the novel tells us how rich people treat the lives of middle-class people as toys. These rich people play with the lives of the poor people.

Author, s Introduction:

Meerab Hayat is a reliable Urdu novelist and short story writer. Many of his novels have gained immense popularity. She mostly writes digest serial novels. The main feature of her novels is that her stories are very strong and close to reality. Women’s rights, romance, social customs, and forced marriage, are important topics of Meerab Hayat’s novels.

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