Aanchal Mein Jalta Diya by Neelam Riasat

Book Name: Aanchal Mein Jalta Diya

The Writer: Neelam Riyasat

Introduction of the Novel:

Aanchal Mein Jalta Diya is a social novel written by a unique Urdu novelist Neelam Riyasat. The story of this novel has been published regularly on Neelam’s social media page. Due to the popularity of the novel, it has been published by several publishers.

Neelam Riasat Novels:

Till now thousands of copies of this novel book have been sold. The story of the novel is about a girl who is living a very prosperous life. She is a married girl whose husband works as a production manager in a local electronics company.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this novel is a girl whose name is Zeishma. She is married and her husband works as a manager in a big electronics company. This is a marriage of choice for this couple and both husband and wife are enjoying their married life very much.

One day the husband and wife leave for shopping in the city and their car meets with an accident on the way. In the accident, Zeishma’s husband is seriously injured and dies. Zeishma is in a lot of shocks over this tragic incident.

She thinks that her world has turned upside down because there is no charm left in her life. The owner of the car that hit her is Khazan, who is a big businessman and owns several factories. Zeishma is deeply saddened by the death of her husband and blames herself for the incident.

Aanchal Main Jalta Diya by Neelam Riasat:

Khazan is still young and his parents are looking for a girl to marry him. His mother has seen several relationships for him till now but according to his expectations, he has not found any girl yet. One day Khazan’s mother reaches Zaishma’s house in search of a relationship.

She provides her son with all the information about Zaishma and her family. Khazan sends a marriage message to Zaishma through his mother. He wants to marry this widow to help him and his family. Zaishma also agrees to marry her parents.

According to the orders, she agrees to marry. Khazan is very happy and satisfied with her decision. He feels he has redeemed himself by marrying the widow of his car accident.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Neelam Riasat is a famous novelist in the Urdu language. Her novels are very popular among readers of Urdu literature. Neelam novels are mostly published on her social media pages. Young women are huge admirers of his novels. She writes serial novels mostly for Urdu language magazines.

Besides this, Neelam has her own official website where she publishes her written novels. Neelam Riyasat is one of the young novelists of the Urdu language who has captured the attention of Urdu literature lovers in a very short period of time.

She started her novel writing career when she was still a matriculation student. During her short career, she has performed exceptionally well. She is among the top ten young novelists of the Urdu language.

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