Aangan Novel by Khadija Mastoor

Book Name: Aangan

The Writer: Khadija Mastoor

Introduction of the Novel:

Aangan is a beautiful and high-quality Urdu novel written by the famous novelist and Urdu short story writer, Khadija Mastoor. This Urdu novel was written by Khadija Mastoor in the context of the partition of India and is considered the best novel of Urdu literature.

The story of the novel tells that as a result of the partition of India, many wealthy families faced very difficult and painful situations. At the time of the partition of India, Khadija Mastoor was twenty years old and As a result; India witnessed the world’s largest human migration.

This novel is an important historical document about the economic and political conditions of Indian society before the partition of India. This novel was first published in 1962. Urdu language experts call this novel Khadija Mastoor’s masterpiece novel. Apart from this, Angan novel is considered one of the best novels in the Urdu language.

Khadija Mastoor has written some books besides Angan’s novel, but Urdu literature experts consider this novel as her best literary work. The main characters of the story of the novel include Alia, Chhmi, and Jameel. These people belong to a rich family and are living a very luxurious life. All the members of the family are living in one building under the joint family system.

The downfall of this family started when the family member’s father died and he decided to sell this four-storied building. After the sale of the building, everyone bought their own separate houses and settled in them. The story of the novel is told about the partition of India. With the political changes, many families became financially bankrupt and faced many hardships.

Aangan by Khadija Mastoor:

Khadija Mastoor is considered one of the major novelists of Urdu literature. She was born in 1927 in Bareilly, India. Khadija received her education till graduation from popular educational institutes of India. After the declaration of Pakistan, Khadija’s family migrated and settled in Lahore.

Angan novel was written by Khadija during her stay in Lahore. After the publication of this novel, it was well-liked by the educated class, and in the year 1962, the novel was awarded the Adamji Literature Award. In the story of the novel, the political and economic conditions before the establishment of Pakistan are fully reflected.

This story is about the days when people in India were demanding the protection of the Ottoman Caliphate by joining the Khilafat movement and the second war. Many countries were devastated by the war, including Japan. After that, in 1940, the Pakistan Resolution was presented and the Muslims of India demanded the establishment of a separate country for the Muslims from the British government.

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