Abad Shehr e Jan Hai Novel by Umme Maryam

Book Name: Abad Sheher e Jaan Hai

The Writer: Umm Maryam

Introduction of the Novel:

Abad Sheher e Jaan Hai is an important and high-quality novel written by Umm Maryam. It is a digest serial novel that has been published in episodes form for a long time in a local Urdu digest.

Being a social romantic novel, the readers of Urdu literature have liked the story of this novel very much. Romantic novels written by Umm Maryam are of very high quality. The story of the novel is about the romance of a boy and a girl.

Umme Maryam Novels:

The girl loves her lover very much, but the boy does not give any importance to her love. Because of this, the girl is very sad and shocked. Finally, the boy’s heart softens and he assures the girl that he will appreciate her love and marry her.

After some time he gets married to the girl. Now unexpectedly the behavior of the girl has changed and she behaves very hatefully toward the boy. She thinks that her husband is only hungry for her body and he has no real love for his wife.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main characters of the story of the novel are a boy and a girl named Zoya and Haroon. Zoya loves Haroon a lot but Haroon does not give any importance to her love. He thinks that befriending and romancing girls is a futile exercise that yields nothing and is just a waste of time.

After repeated insistence, Haroon finally realizes his mistake and decides to accept Zoya’s love. He marries Zoya and provides her with all the necessities of life. Now Zoya’s Attitude is changing as she realizes that Aaron is not really in love with her and is only hungry for her body. She behaves very hatefully towards Aaron which makes Aaron very upset.

Haroon and Zoya have a son, whose name is proposed to be Muaz. Zoya keeps her son Muaz away from her because of her hatred for Haroon. He leaves and goes to a distant city. After Haroon leaves, Zoya is very sad and spends her whole life to find him.

Introduction of the Author of the Novel:

Umme Maryam is the well-known Urdu Novelist of the Urdu language. She mostly writes social romantic novels in the Urdu language. Umme Maryam is the most popular female novelist in Pakistan.

She wrote a lot of beautiful novels for different Urdu digests. Following is the list of super hit urdu romantic novels of umme Maryam.

Umme Maryam Novels List:

  • Mohabbat ho Gai thi
  • Dil Gazeeda
  • Shehar e Dil
  • Kuch Ishq tha Kuch majboori
  • Zindagi khak Na thi
  • Meray Sahir say Kaho
  • Ana ka Safar

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