Aik Jugnoo hai Band Muthi Main by Faiza Iftikhar

Book Name: Aik Jugnoo hai Band Muthi Main

The Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Faiza Iftikhar Novels: 

Aik Jugnoo Hai Band Muthi Main is a beautiful and high-quality novel written by renowned Urdu novelist Faiza Iftikhar. It is a digest serial novel that has been published in the form of episodes in a local Urdu digest. This is a love story of a couple who insist on positive thinking to maintain their relationship.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of the novel under comment is a young boy named Ibrahim. He has got his MBA degree from a famous university in the country and wants to start his own import, export business in the future. Ibrahim is a free-minded guy who has no interest in family life, marriage, and love. He spends most of his time listening to music, traveling, using social media on the internet, and reading books.

A sudden major change in his life came when a girl named Sadaf entered his life. Sadaf is a young girl who is majoring in fashion design at a local university. She wants to pursue a career in design with a BS degree.

Ik Jugnoo Hai Band Muthi Main Novel by Faiza Iftikhar PDF:

She has a great desire to become a designer in her country. And make the name of the family bright in foreign countries. Sadaf has a very good friendship with Ibrahim and wants to marry him in the future. Ibrahim is also very much in love with her and wants to make her a life partner.

The two share such a good and close relationship that they cannot imagine living without each other. Unfortunately, this relationship is affected when differences arise between them. Due to mutual differences; they face many social issues and other problems.

The author of the novel tells us how differences between friends lead to breaking and ending relationships. The story and characters of the novel are very good. Because of this, the novel has gained a lot of popularity. If you like to read such romantic novels, then this novel story will be the best choice for you.

Introduction of the author of the book:

Faiza Iftikhar is the most popular female novelist of Urdu literature. The Writer belongs to Lahore city. She mostly writes digest serial novels. Her novels are mostly published in local urdu digests. The novel under comment is one of the most popular novels of Faiza Iftikhar and is liked by readers.

Her Novels are very popular among the young generation. Fortunately, at the beginning of his career, her literary work has been highly appreciated by the people. This is the reason why she has reached the heights of fame very quickly.

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Aik Jugnoo hai Band Muthi Main by Faiza Iftikhar:

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