Aik Main aur Aik Tum Novel by Tanzeela Riaz PDF

Book Name: Aik Main aur Aik Tum

The Writer: Tanzeela Riaz

Introduction of the Novel:

Aik Main Aur Tum is a wonderful romantic novel written by Tanzila Riaz, a unique Urdu language novelist. It is a short and comprehensive novel story whose total pages are about fifty numbers.

There are many dreams to move forward and have many hopes with others to put these dreams into practice. Moreover, there are many difficulties in the path of love. There are successes on this path and sometimes failures.

Novel summary/ story:

The novel’s story has two main characters whose names are Mehran and Khadija. Mahran belongs to a very poor family and he is living a life of very tight poverty. He is depressed and upset all the time because he now begins to burden life.

Mehran keeps his fate all the time. He is an educated young man but has failed to get a job due to poverty. Mehran is now not interested in dreaming and achieving new goals to lead a better life. Because he thinks he will never be able to achieve prosperity.

Her coincidence has been met with Mehran and she has been very impressed with her simplicity, and sincerity. It is only through a few meetings that good ceremonies have been established and she has started to like Mehran. She has told Mehran that if she gets married, she will only do it to her, or else she will not marry.

Aik Main aur Aik Tum Novel by Tanzeela Riaz:

Mehran has also become imprisoned for her love, but she is also afraid that a rich family girl is born. In the wake of love, these people should not make him and his family subjected to retaliation. Khadija, however, convinces him that he does not need to be afraid of anyone and will surely stand in support of it in every problem.

They are determined to achieve their destination. Khadija has promised her that she will financially support her after marrying her. This is an attractive and heart-touching novel that states that love is such a passion.

In which to be rich and poor has no meaning. If you are eager to read this style of social romantic novels, this novel may be the best choice for you. Tanzeela Riaz is famous for writing spiritual and romantic Novels. The commentary novel is a masterpiece of urdu literature.

Author’s Introduction:

Tanzeela Riaz is a well-known novelist of Urdu language and literature. Her name needs no introduction in academic and literary circles. She writes Urdu novels on romantic and spiritual themes. Last year, her spiritual novel Noor-ul-Qulub became very popular.

Apart from this, her novel, Ahad Alast, has also gained extraordinary popularity. Tanzeela’s novels are published on Urdu literature websites and Urdu literature magazines. She has written more than a dozen novels so far. Three of these novels have gained immense popularity.

Tanzeela Riaz Novels List:

  1. Noor ul Qaloob
  2. Aik Main Aur Tum
  3. Marg e Barg
  4. Ahad e Alast
  5. Ehad e Nasirat al Mustaqeem
  6. Rapunzel
  7. Ishq Gazeeda
  8. Ma Sharre Ma Kalaq

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