Amar Bail Novel by Umera Ahmad

Book Name: Amar Bail

The Writer: Umera Ahmad

Introduction to the Book: 

Umera Ahmad Novels:

Amar Bail Novel by Umera Ahmad is a lesser-known and classical novel of Urdu literature. The author of this novel is the well-known Pakistani novelist Umera Ahmed. The writer wrote this novel in the year 2000, and then it did not get much popularity.

However, this is one of the most important romantic and social novels of the writer. Initially, this Urdu novel was published in the form of episodes for several months in the Monthly Shuaa digest. After the completion of the episodes, it was published in the form of a book by a publishing house in Lahore. It was an old-fashioned novel that gained a lot of popularity among college students.

Amar Bail, Novel Book Summary:

This novel contains the love story of a boy and a girl. Also, the bureaucratic culture is also fully reflected in this story. The story of the novel highlights the mutual differences of a family which is suffering from various social problems.

The issues of breaking and forming relationships are the main theme of the story of the novel. The robbery of bureaucracy, and abuse of power, is also shown in the story. The author of the novel tells us that the bureaucrats are the powerful section of our society in whose hands we have complete control of our country.

We have seen for the first time that such powerful and dignified people can also have very low mentality and character. The main characters of the story are Umar Jahangir and Alize Sikandar. Umar Jahangir is the son of a corrupt government official.

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He is living a life of luxury like a spoiled rich man, while Alizah belongs to a lower-middle-class family. He lives with his grandfather and grandmother. Umar Jahangir is a lavish man who spends a lot of money on his father’s illicit earnings.

He is a wicked man with bad habits. He sees every man from his own point of view. Readers of the novel consider Umar Jahangir a hateful person because of his negative character. This Urdu novel consists of more than seven hundred pages.

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The story includes suspense, romance, and horror, which makes the story more interesting. This is a very unique and charming story. If you are fond of reading social and romantic novels, then this novel is for you. All the best Urdu novels of Umera Ahmed are available on our site.

Author’s Introduction:

Umera Ahmed is a famous Pakistani novelist of Urdu literature. She mostly writes novels related to social and women’s issues. In addition, she has also written many novels related to spirituality and Islamism. Umera Ahmed belongs to Gujranwala city of Punjab province of Pakistan.

She received her primary education in her hometown Gujranwala. Later she moved to Sialkot for her higher education. There she obtained her graduation degree from Murray College Sialkot. After that, she came to Lahore and got admission to Government College University.

He obtained his master’s degree in English language and literature from this university. Umera Ahmed started writing at an early age. For a long time, his novels were published in the form of episodes in digests published from Lahore. She has written more than fifty books so far.

Her romantic novels are very popular among readers. The novel Peer e Kamil written by him is his most popular romantic and spiritual novel. Several editions of his books have been published. Some of his books have been declared as best-selling books of the year.

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