Amliyat e Roohani Amraz by Dr. Hashmat Jah pdf

Book Name: Amliyat e Roohani Amraz

The Writer: Dr. Hashmat Jah

Introduction of the Book:

Amliyat e Roohani Imraz is an excellent book written by Dr. Hashmat Jah which describes the methods of treating various diseases through spiritual methods. This book has been published by the School of Spiritual Science, Karachi, and has gained a lot of popularity.

In the book, Dr. Hashmat has suggested the treatment of jinn-affected patients and patients suffering from various diseases with the help of Quranic verses. He has also suggested in the book the practice of reciting various surahs of the Qur’an for patients afflicted with witchcraft.

Amliyat e Roohani Amraz by Dr. Hashmat Jah:

They claim that with the help of these operations, common people can get relief from economic difficulties and various diseases. He has also described a specific spiritual method for the diagnosis of diseases in which the clothes worn by the patient can be used to find out whether the patient is bewitched or suffering from any disease.

Overall, this is an excellent book on spiritual science and a great gift for spiritual researchers and general enthusiasts alike. The book has a total of five hundred pages and several editions have been published.

Author, s Introduction:

Dr. Hashmat Jah is a renowned Pakistani spiritual specialist and research scholar. He has mastered the treatment of spiritual diseases. Hasmat jah belongs to the city of Karachi in Pakistan and he successfully cures diseases through Quranic verses.

He has expertise in many Islamic sciences apart from the Quranic sciences. The writer holds a master’s degree in Islam from the University of Karachi. He has written several books on Astrology, Astrology, and Astrology.

His point of view is that all diseases can be cured through Quranic verses and patients should definitely benefit from this method of treatment. He is also famous for exorcising jinns, fairies, and ghosts. People of Karachi trust him a lot and approach him for the spiritual healing of their patients.

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Amliyat e Roohani Amraz by Dr. Hashmat Jah pdf:

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