Anari Novel by Ahmad Iqbal Pdf

 Book Name: Anari

The Writer: Ahmed Iqbal

Introduction to the Book:

Anari Novel by Ahmad Iqbal Pdf is a famous digest serial novel in the Urdu language. The writer of this novel is famous Urdu novelist Ahmad Iqbal. It is a long novel with a total of nine volumes. Each volume contains hundreds of pages.

This is Ahmed Iqbal’s top-class and most popular novel. Jasoosi, Digest published this novel in the form of episodes for many years. Now this novel has been published in the form of a book.

Summary /Story of the Novel:

Rafiq is the main character of this novel. The story of this novel is very exciting and tragic. Rafiq went to America six years ago to pursue higher education at Harvard University.

Now he has completed his graduation from this university and shifted to London city to get a job. He is employed in a large departmental store in London. A girl named Faryal also works with him.

Faryal is an educated and decent girl who has a very good working relationship and understanding with Rafiq

Anari Novel by Ahmad Iqbal Complete Pdf:

Rafiq is very impressed with her personality. They become very good friends. She is an ideal girlfriend who adds charm to Rafiq’s life. Staying with Rafiq Faryal is having a great time.

During his stay in London, he received a phone call from home instructing him to return to Pakistan immediately from London. He was very upset after hearing this phone call. It was very difficult for him to return to Pakistan immediately from London.

He tells his girlfriend Faryal about his plan to go to Pakistan. Faryal is very sad to know about his plans to return to Pakistan. Rafeeq has promised to marry Faryal and promises her this. Asking to fulfill the promise.

Anari Novel Complete 9 Volumes by Ahmad Iqbal:

It is becoming difficult for Rafiq to decide whether to obey his mother and return to his homeland or to obey his girlfriend and stay in London and marry her. One day, one of Rafiq’s cousins called him and told him that big good news was waiting for him.

So he hurried back to his home. Probably, Rafiq’s mother has prepared to get him engaged. Rafiq is very much in love with his girlfriend Faryal and he is also preparing to marry her so he does not want to leave her too.

With a heavy heart, he decides to return to his mother’s words and he informs Faryal about this decision. Faryal is very saddened by this decision. She wants to scream and remind Rafiq about the promises she made. Rafiq tells him that he has no choice but to obey his mother’s orders as he is too obedient to his mother.

His mother loves him very much and has been looking for her son’s return home for many years. The end scene of this novel story makes the readers extremely sad.

Author’s Introduction:

Ahmad Iqbal is a great story writer and novelist of Urdu literature. Ahmed Iqbal is from Lahore, Pakistan. Ahmed received his early education in Lahore city. He obtained an MA Urdu degree from Government College Lahore.

During his student days, he wrote several novels which gained immense popularity. His Urdu novels are mostly published in the monthly Urdu Digests. The stories in his novels are very good and standard.

He mostly writes action-adventure novels. He has received many awards for his novels. The novels written by him are an important asset of Urdu literature. Following are the titles of Ahmad Iqbal’s novels.

  • Shikari
  • Madari
  • Anari
  • Jawari

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