Apnay Dukh Mujhay de do Novel by Rajinder Singh Bedi

Book Name: Apnay Dukh Mujhay De Do

The Writer: Rajinder Singh Bedi

Introduction of the Novel:

Apnay Dukh Mujhay De Do is a masterpiece novel in the Urdu language written by an Indian novelist Rajinder Singh Bedi. This novel was written almost seventy years ago, but its popularity continues even today. This is a social romantic novel with a very interesting story.

Rajinder Singh Bedi Novels:

It is the story of a young man whose childhood has been spent in poverty, deprivation, and severe economic struggle. The young man’s parents were also struggling all their lives to cope with the family’s financial difficulties. Unfortunately, they could not give their children proper education or make them skilled.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main characters of the story of this novel are a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Madan and the girl’s name is Indu. His father worked in the railway department. His family consists of four people including his three sisters and him. Madan was seven years old when his mother died of TB.

Because of this, in poverty and deprivation, he spent his childhood. His entire father’s salary was spent on his mother’s treatment. Due to poverty, he could not go to school to get an education. He had to work hard to support his family.

When he reached the age of youth, his paternal aunt and aunt married him off early. Because there is no woman who cooks for this family. His wife is an uneducated village girl who was brought up in poverty and hardship like him.

However, she is a very sensible and sympathetic girl whose personality and sweet conversation have impressed Madan a lot. Madan feels that the arrival of this woman in his house will definitely change his economic conditions.

Apnay Dukh Mujhe De do by Rajinder Sigh Bedi Pdf:

Hearing the story of Madan’s life, Indu’s heart filled with sorrow. She tells him that I give my life to you. I will ask you for something in return for this love. Due to poverty and hardship, Madan became worried that his wife should not make any request that is too expensive because he has no money.

But unexpectedly his new bride tells him that you give me your sorrows that are all I ask. This beautiful novel depicts simplicity and rural culture. The writer of the novel has used very ancient Urdu language in the story.

Apart from this, many Hindi words have been used in the story of the novel. These words will certainly be strange and unfamiliar to young readers of the Urdu language. But despite all these flaws, overall this ancient novel is considered a very attractive and popular story due to its simplicity and elegance.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Rajinder Singh Bedi was a wellknown Urdu short story writer and novelist of India. His novels and short stories are very famous in India and Pakistan. This book is his super hit collection of short urdu novels published in New Delhi 50 years ago.

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