Arsh Falak Novel by Bisma Bhatti PDF

Book Name: Arsh Falak

The Writer: Bisma Bhatti

Introduction of the Novel:

Arsh Falak is the best Urdu romantic novel written by young Urdu novelist Bisma Bhatti. It is a story of a loving couple who are willing to make any sacrifice to get their love. It is present day’s a super hit romantic novel that is loved by Urdu literature lovers.

Summary of the Novel:

Urdu Literature Readers call it a high-quality masterpiece novel by Bisma Bhatti. The main characters of the story of the novel are a boy and a girl. The girl’s name is Arsh and the boy’s name is Falak. They are both studying in the same college and are considered among the bright students of their college.

Falak is an excellent cricket player and the captain of his college cricket team. Likes and is his fan. A girl named Arsh is also included among these girls. She is a huge fan of Flick and wants to be friends with him. This relationship of friendship between the two has gradually turned into love.

Arsh Falak Novel by Bisma Bhatti:

But instead of expressing feelings on both sides, the secret love is being carried forward in the hearts. Finally, one day Arsh took the courage to speak to Falak and proposed to her to be his life partner. Falak is very happy to have Arsh in his life and considers himself lucky to have such a perfect and handsome life partner like Arsh.

Author’s Introduction:

Bisma Bhatti is a new writer in the field of Urdu novel writing. He has written several novels so far and has made his mark in the academic and literary circles of Urdu literature. She writes novels for several Urdu language digests and several Urdu websites.

Apart from this, he also has expertise in Urdu short story writing. His Urdu short stories have been published in Jahan newspaper and Family magazine. Many of his novels are being published as episodes on the pages of social media sites. He has a huge fan base who loves his novels.

Bisma Bhatti Novels List:

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  4. Arsh e Falak
  5. Ishqaway
  6. Bina Chand Ke Hum Adhuray
  7. Dil Janam Man Raqsam

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Arsh Falak Novel by Bisma Bhatti PDF:

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