Aye Sitara e Shab e Zindagi by Nighat Abdullah

Book Name: Aye Sitara e Shab e Zindagi

The Writer: Nighat Abdullah

Introduction of the Novel:

Aye Sitara e Shab e Zindagi is a beautiful Urdu novel written by the popular Urdu novelist Nighat Abdullah. In the story of this novel, the writer has clarified the need and importance of relationships. It is aimed at those who are unable to understand the importance of relationships. It is a long novel with a total of more than seven hundred pages.

The main character of the story of the novel is a girl named Zara. Zara likes her cousin very much and wants to marry him. Her parents have arranged her marriage with her cousin. After marriage, initially, their life was going well but after some time differences started between them. These differences caused a rift between the husband and wife relationship. Zara had to face many hardships to improve her relationship with her in-laws.

The author of the novel tells us about those people who lose good relationships because of their small mistakes. The story of the novel is very charming and inspiring and has been highly appreciated by the readers of Urdu literature. Nighat Abdullah Urdu language. Kay is a popular novelist who has created many super-hit novels. Nighat mostly writes Urdu novels on social issues, and women’s domestic issues, family issues. Apart from this, she also writes romantic novels. The romantic novels written by him have gained great popularity.

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