Bano Novel by Razia Butt

Book Name: Bano

The Writer: Razia Butt

Introduction of the Novel:

Bano is a high-quality and wonderful novel written by Razia Butt. The story of the novel is romantic and social as well. Apart from this, in the story of this novel, the author has told what the objectives of creating Pakistan were. Why did the Muslims of India feel the need for a separate homeland for themselves?

In this book, many facts about the Pakistan Movement have been revealed. Many writers have written novels and Urdu short stories about the establishment of Pakistan, but Razia Butt. The literary work is very unique and remarkable. While studying the story of the novel the reader notes that the properties and families of the Muslims of India were not safe.

Because of this, the demand for the establishment of a separate homeland for them was completely legitimate and timely. The Muslims of India were neither economically independent nor religiously independent. They were not allowed to perform their religious rituals freely.

Under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Muslims started a political movement to create a separate homeland in these difficult circumstances. This political movement finally succeeded in 1947 and the British government officially announced the partition of India into two separate states.

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Hasan and Bano are the main characters of this romantic story. Bano is Hasan’s cousin and was betrothed to Hasan in childhood. Due to the start of the Indian independence movement and the movement to create Pakistan, Hasan has not been able to contact Bano and her family due to which he is very worried. Rabia, one of Hasan’s relatives, is eager to marry him, but Hasan is not willing to marry her.

He wants to wait for many years to marry Bano. Despite repeated attempts, Hassan could not contact Bano and her family, due to which he got tired and married Rabia. After the announcement of the establishment of Pakistan, Bano’s family migrated and decided to settle in Lahore. Her family joined a convoy to reach Lahore. At night, a group of Sikh rioters attacked the caravan and killed the youth and children.

After that, these rioters raped many Muslim women and kidnapped many women, and took them with them. Banu was among the women who were raped. The Sikhs brutally killed Banu’s mother and other members of her family. Banu is kidnapped by a Sikh criminal Basant Singh and married to him. The ending scene of the novel is very sad and sad.

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