Basil Novel by Huma Waqas

Book Name: Basil

The Writer: Huma Waqas

Introduction of the Novel:

Basil is a high quality and wonderful novel written by Huma Waqas which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The story of this novel is about a girl from a Christian family in Karachi. This young girl marries a Chinese boy and moves to China. There she is being subjected to torture and she is living a slave life there.

The main character of the story of the novel is a Christian girl named Javi. She lives with her small family in a Christian neighborhood of Karachi. Her father is working as a sweeper in a factory. These people are very poor and have no source of income apart from the job salary.

Javi’s father wants his daughters to do some job to support the family. Take it so that they can lead a prosperous life. Her father has applied for a job for his daughters in a job office located in Karachi city. The office staff tells her that they can send her daughter to China where a young Chinese man will marry her and help her get a job.

Basil Novel by Huma Waqas Online:

Christian father agreed with the boy and began efforts to prepare a passport and other documents to send the daughter to China. After some time, Joy married a young Chinese man who said that he belonged to the Christian religion.

On reaching China, Joy found out that this Chinese youth is a criminal who is involved in the business of human trafficking. He has tricked her into marrying her and bringing her to China even though she is not a Christian. Joy is being held as a slave by a Chinese youth named Li Tao.

He tortures her daily and is planning to sell her as a slave. Javi is very worried and tries to escape from the custody of the human traffickers. She has tried to escape from Li Tao’s village several times, but each time he finds her and takes her back. Javi’s parents have no idea about her condition and are left thinking that their daughter is arriving in China, living a life of luxury.

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