Basti Novel by Intizar Hussain

Book Name: Basti

The Writer: Intizar Hussain

Introduction of the Novel:

Basti is an Urdu novel book which is the most popular work of Urdu language novelist, poet and fiction writer Intizar Hussain. This book has been translated into many other languages besides English. Urdu language experts call this book Intizar Hussain. This book was first published in 1978. Several editions of this book have been published so far.

The story of the book is written in the context of migration and partition of India during the formation of Pakistan. The story is told about how many lovers were separated from each other as a result of the partition of India and migration. The main character of the story of the novel is a young man who migrated from India to Pakistan, whose name is Sabir.

Sabir lived in the city of Rupnagar in the province of Uttar Pradesh, India. Here other members of his family were also living with him in a combined family. These people never thought that one day they would have to migrate from India to the new country of Pakistan. Saber is very much in love with Sabra, a girl from his neighborhood, and wants to marry her.

Basti  by Intizar Hussain:

Suddenly, the establishment of Pakistan was announced and people started preparing to migrate to Lahore. Saber wants to take his beloved Sabra with him to Lahore, but Sabra’s family wants to stay in India and migrate to Pakistan. Saber is very sad and worried at the thought of losing her love. He does not want to separate Sabra from himself but feels helpless because of her parents’ decision.

The second part of the story of the novel is related to the partition of Pakistan into two parts. After the partition of India, Sabir had lost many of his loved ones, but he had the consolation that now he became a citizen of a free and independent country where he had all the facilities and security.

Now he is very sad to see the new country of Pakistan divided into two states called Bangladesh and Pakistan. He came to this new country with many hopes and dreams, but all those hopes and dreams have been shattered. First, he lost his beloved, now he has lost half of his homeland.

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