Bayaz e Kabir by Hakeem Kabir ud din PDF

Book Name: Bayaz e Kabir

The Writer: Hakeem Kabir ud din

Introduction of the Book:

Bayaz e Kabir is a great book by Hakeem Kabiruddin on the herbal treatment of various diseases. The book is very popular among doctors in Pakistan and Bangladesh besides India.

This book is especially useful for medical students. Bayaz Kabir has three volumes, each containing more than 1000 pages. Several editions of Beyaz Kabir have been published and appreciated in different cities of Pakistan.

Bayaz e Kabir:

Pakistani physicians and medical experts consider this book the easiest and most authentic medical book in the Urdu language. This book is very useful for young doctors and students. In the first part of the book, medicine making and its related issues are discussed.

In the second volume, various medical prescriptions for various diseases and their treatment are listed. Teachers of Greek medicine consider this book a revolutionary book related to indigenous treatment methods.

In the book, Hakeem Kabiruddin has prescribed the symptoms of all diseases and the prescriptions of medicines necessary for their treatment. In this revolutionary book, Hakeem Sahib introduced the following diseases, and medical prescriptions for their treatment.

  1. Diseases of the lungs
  2. Liver diseases
  3. Heart diseases
  4. Skin diseases
  5. Male sexual disorders
  6. Female sexual diseases
  7. Mental diseases
  8. Kidney diseases
  9. Bone diseases
  10. Diseases of children
  11. Gastrointestinal disorders
  12. Nose, Ear, and Throat Diseases

Overall this book is very useful for medical practitioners, students, and teachers. With the help of this book, new doctors can run their clinics successfully. The prescriptions mentioned in it are highly authentic and standard which have been arranged in the light of the principles laid down by the teachers of medicine.

Author’s Introduction:

Hakeem Kabiruddin belongs to Delhi, the capital of India. He is considered one of the most famous and authored physicians of India. He has served for a long time as a teacher and principal at the College of Greek Medicine, Delhi.

His name is highly respected in medical circles. He is the author of many well-known books on Greek medicine and his books are highly valued in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Many of his books are included in the syllabus of Greek medicine colleges in Pakistan and India.

Artistic Value of Research books of Hakeem Kabir ud din:

Bayaz e Kabir and Makhzan ul Mufardat’s books are very popular in medical circles. The teachers of the medical colleges of Pakistan recommend their students to read the books of Hakeem Kabiruddin.

Hakeem Kabiruddin has provided such detailed medical information in his books that students do not need to read any other writer’s book.  No other physician and writer has explained the various medical terms as minutely as Hakeem Kabiruddin has.

Hakeem Kabiruddin, like Hakeem Ajmal Khan, has written medical books of high quality, whose resonance is heard throughout the subcontinent. Among them, the name of Hakeem Ram Labhaya and his friends is worth mentioning.

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