Be Parwah Romantic Novel by Ayesha Noor

Book Name: Be Parwah

The Writer: Ayesha Noor

Introduction of the Novel:

Be Parwah, an Urdu novel written by Ayesha Noor is a beautiful novel. This is a social romantic novel that has been published in the form of episodes in a local Urdu digest. Now this novel has been published in the form of a hardcover book. It is a long novel that contains more than eight hundred pages.

It is the story of a girl whose lover leads her on the path of love by showing her a beautiful dream but soon breaks up with him. Her friend and beloved boy proposed to her and the couple is soon to get married. It was but unfortunately, it was not possible. On the pretext of completing his education and building a job career, her boyfriend reneges on his promise to marry.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a beautiful girl named Zartaj. Zartaj is an intelligent and capable student and has a brilliant academic career. He has secured the first position on the education board in the matriculation examination. Similarly, for intermediate, She has also scored very high marks in the examination.

These days she is pursuing higher studies in computer science at the city’s government university. Being an intelligent student, she is very popular and friendly among her classmates. Her classmate boy is her biggest admirer. He is very appreciative of Zartaj’s talent, personality, and good looks and tries to form a friendship with him.

The boy has fallen deeply in love with her. He has expressed his love to Zartaj and proposed to her. Zartaj accepts his proposal and promises to marry him soon. Zartaj is very happy to befriend this young man.

Be Parwah By Ayesha Noor Pdf:

Unfortunately, after a few months, the young man’s intentions and attitude changed a lot. He started treating his friend with indifference and indifference. After a few days, he told Zartaj clearly that he could not marry her as he was focusing all his attention on improving his job career and his education.

He said that like other young people, he has also seen many dreams about his future. To fulfill these dreams, he is currently postponing the decision to get married. He is very depressed and worried because of Zartaj’s negative behavior and attitude. He thought he had found his love but it turned out to be a deception.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Ayesha Noor is a famous Pakistani lady novelist of the Urdu language. She started her career while she was a student in her first year. The writer was a BA student when she wrote her first Urdu novel. Earlier she used to write novels for Shuaa Digest.

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