Bin Roye Ansoo Novel by Farhat Ishtiaq

Book Name: Bin Roye Ansoo

The Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq

Introduction to the Book:

Bin Roye Ansoo is a superhit Urdu romantic novel by Farhat Ishtiaq. The novel was published in Women’s Digest, an Urdu digest published for women from Karachi. Due to its extraordinary popularity, this novel was also published in the form of a book.

The story of the novel is very good; due to this we TV channel has also made a drama serial on its story. Many writers writing novels for the Digest have also gained access to electronic media.

Farhat Ishtiaq Novels Pdf:

One of these writers is the writer Farhat Ishtiaq. Farhat started writing novels for the Urdu magazine Urdu Digest published in Lahore. Now she is working as an excellent dramatist and story writer for various TV channels.

The story of the novel is about a young man whose love is being tried by his two female cousins. But this young man has no interest in these two girls. He goes on a business visit to America where he meets a girl relative of his. Irtaza falls in love with her. He offers her in marriage and promises to spend the rest of his life with her.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel has three main characters whose names are Saba, Ertza, and Suman. Saba is Artza’s childhood friend and cousin. Both of them have been studying in the same school and class.

Saba is the lovely daughter of her parents whose parents fulfill her every wish. Saba wishes to get married to her cousin and friend Arteza. But Irtza is not interested to marry Saba. He only considers her as his cousin and friend.

Ertaza visits America for business deals where he meets his uncle’s daughter. He develops a good relationship with Suman and spends several months shopping and sightseeing together in America.

In this way, they become very close to each other. Even Artza plans to marry her. He proposes marriage to Suman and Suman accepts his proposal. Saba’s heart has been struck by the news of Irtza and Suman’s marriage and she is very sad.

Bin Roye Ansoo  by Farhat Ishtiaq:

He has a lot of hatred for Suman in his heart. He has also expressed deep resentment towards Irteza. After Irteza came back from America, her attitude and behavior became very strict. Due to mental anxiety and depression, she suffered from a mental disorder.

Suddenly he gets information that Ertaza’s fiancée and friend Saman has passed away. Saba feels very sorry for Saman’s death and feels responsible for her death. She has been regretting a lot for teasing Saba and opposing her marriage with Ertza. Her parents marry her now with Ertza but Saba is not happy with this marriage.

For him, there is no more charm and charm left in the marriage with Arteza. Due to mental illness, she has become such a condition that she does not adopt the attitude of love with anyone. She has a hateful attitude towards everyone.

Author’s Introduction:

Farhat Ishtiaq is a famous novelist and dramatist of the Urdu language and literature. He has written several romantic Urdu novels which have gained immense popularity. She is Civil Engineer by profession and had been working as an engineer in a construction company.

Farhat belongs to the city of Lahore in Punjab and she is considered a reliable name in the academic and literary circles of the city.Hamdam Mere Dost, and Humsafar. Apart from this, her TV dramas have also been very popular. She has created hundreds of novels so far.

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