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Book Name: Bodyguard

The Writer: Mehwish Ali

Mehwish Ali Novels:

Bodyguard is a super hit and high-quality novel by Mehwish Ali that has become very popular. It is a social romantic story that deals with the travails of a young girl. This girl’s family owns a big business group. The girl has a lot of wealth due to which many young men want to marry her.

But the girl is looking for a young man who will be truly sympathetic, loving, and protective of her. Being rich, her life is always in danger. Only by trusting a truly loving young man can she save her life. Many criminals want to marry her to steal her wealth.

Bodyguard Complete Urdu Novel by Mehwish Ali:

The main character of the story of the novel is a girl who is looking for true love in life. She is the daughter of a big businessman and her property consists of several billion rupees. Being rich, many people here become enemies of those who want to take over her wealth.

So this girl is looking for a brave young man who can provide security by marrying her. One day he found a young man who is very brave and compassionate. The girl has decided to make him the prince of her dreams.

She is going to marry him soon and declare him her life partner. The young man assures her that he will protect her even if he protects her. So no one will care about his life.

Author’s Introduction:

Mehwish Ali is a famous Pakistani female novelist of Urdu literature. She is from Lahore, Punjab province of Pakistan. Mehwish Ali received her early education from educational institutions in Lahore. He passed matric and intermediate exams from private educational institutes in Lahore.

She is still continuing his studies. Mehwish is graduating from a private university in Lahore. Mehwish Ali started his writing career at an early age. She was still a matriculation student when she started writing novels.

Mehwish Ali created her official Facebook page and started publishing her novels in episode form on this page. Her novels are selling hand to hand. Mehwish Ali has thousands of followers on his official Facebook page.

Mehwish Ali Romantic Novels List:

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  • Bodyguard
  • The Wex Wolf
  • Eid Sang Mohabbat
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Bodyguard Novel by Mehwish Ali PDF:

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