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Book Name: But Shikan

The Writer: Khan Asif 

Khan Asif books Pdf:

But Shikan is a beautiful historical novel in the Urdu language. The author of this novel is the famous historical novelist Khan Asif. This novel is about the war campaigns and life conditions of Mahmood Ghaznavi, the famous ruler, conqueror, and general of the Islamic world.

In the book, Mahmud Ghaznavi’s ancestors, his family, and Brief information on the history of the Ghazni Empire are provided.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The first chapter of the book begins with the family introduction of Mahmood Ghaznavi’s father. His father’s name was Sabkatgin, he was sold as a slave in the market of Bukhara city. Glory to Allah, this slave later became the king of the magnificent kingdom of Ghazni.

Mahmood Ghaznavi was the illustrious son of this king Sabkatgin, who is famous in history as But Shikan. Mahmood Ghaznavi was a great warrior and brave general. He raised the flag of Islamic rule from Ghazni to India through his war campaigns.

He made more or less seventeen invasions of India, which left many Indian states in awe of his bravery. In particular, the conquest of the Somnath fort and the desecration of the temple are important events in Islamic history. During the reign of Mahmood Ghaznavi, the Punjab province of Pakistan, and its provincial capital Lahore, was also part of the Ghaznavid Empire. He appointed Ayaz as the governor of Lahore city.

But Shikan Novel by Khan Asif Free Download PDF:

When the fame of Mahmood Ghaznavi’s conquests reached different states of India, the rulers of other Hindu states obeyed him fearing defeat. The rulers of some states sent him a message of peace. These states include Gujarat, Meerut, and Gwalior.

The rulers of some Hindu states offered wealth and wealth to Mahmood Ghaznavi in return for not breaking the idols of the temple of Somnath. Then Mahmud Ghaznavi gave him such an answer which became a part of history.

He said that I am an idolater and not an idolater. The book pays great tribute to Mahmud Ghaznavi’s bravery and fighting prowess. If you read novels related to the history of Islam, then this beautiful novel is for you.

Author’s Introduction:

Khan Asif is a renowned Pakistani Urdu novelist and historian. He was born on February 23, 1940, in Rampur, India. Khan Asif received his primary education from Rampur. Later after the creation of Pakistan, he migrated from India and came to Karachi. He has written many historical Urdu novels.

Apart from historical novels, he also wrote many books on Sufism. He also worked as a scriptwriter for the Mumbai film industry and the Pakistan film industry. The writer wrote songs for many Pakistani Urdu films which became very popular.

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