Charagh Talay by Mushtaq Yousufi

Book Name: Charagh Talay

The Writer: Mushtaq Yousufi

Introduction of the Novel:

Charagh Talay is a popular comic book of Urdu literature written by the famous humorist Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi. Maktaba Daniyal published this most popular comic book. Lovers of Urdu literature well-received it. A total of thirteen comic articles have been included in the book.

While reading these articles, you will be forced to acknowledge Mushtaq Yousufi’s artistic abilities. Mushtaq Yousufi’s comedy is unique and unique from other comedians. He is very adept at humorously describing philosophical subjects and finds a way to explain even dry topics in the color of humor.

Each subject of the book has different characters through which Yusufi creates an element of humor. Among them, the role of Abdul Wadud is the most unique and impressive. Mentioning Abdul Wadud in several articles of the book, Yousufi narrates his sayings and stories.

Charagh Talay by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi PDF:

Mushtaq Yousufi was a banker by profession and served as head of several national and international financial institutions. Taking time out from his busy schedule, he used to write comic books. His books got immense fame. Mushtaq Yousufi has been awarded the High Literary Award and Kamal Fan Award by the Pakistan Literary Academy in recognition of his literary services.

In addition to this, he was also awarded the Hasan Performance Medal by the Government of Pakistan. Like Zamir Jafari, Ibn Insha, and Patras Bukhari, Mushtaq Yusufi is also considered as one of the senior comedians of Urdu language and literature.

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