Dar E Maknoon Novel by Maham Mughal

Book Name: Dar e Maknoon

The Writer: Maham Mughal

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Dar e Maknoon’s novel by Maham Mughalis a good quality and excellent novel were written by famous female novelist Mahim Mughal. The main character of this novel story is a young girl who is a college student and recently passed her intermediate exam in her college.

She has got the first position in the examination of Fsc. Shuaa Digest published this novel in episode form and gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a girl Darya. She is an intelligent and beautiful girl and is doing FSC at a local college. Darya has been getting high positions in the lower classes since childhood. The girl has performed very well in the middle, matric exams.

She is the only daughter of her parents and her parents are bearing huge expenses for her education. Her parents want their daughter to pursue higher education and become a professor. She is working hard to fulfill her parent’s wishes.

This is the reason why he has excelled in the FSC exam. Daria surprised her classmates and teachers by securing the overall first position in college. Daria has big dreams and to fulfill her dreams she has to get admission to the BS Education degree program at the university. is going

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Suddenly her parents changed their minds and decided to marry her instead of admitting her to the university. As soon as possible, they want to marry his daughter. But Darya wants to complete her university education to fulfill her dreams.

In this novel story, the feelings of those girls who are not ready to marry, but are forced by family pressure and get married against their will. In the story of this novel, girls’ education is emphasized. This is a social novel whose story is very good. If you like to read social novels then this book is for you.

Author’s Introduction:

Maham Mughal is a new novelist in the Urdu language. She has created several super-hit Urdu novels so far. Urdu literature considers her best literary work is Tum achi lagti Ho. Novels are published in various digests.

She has got Master’s degree in the Urdu language, the color of which is clearly visible in her books. Many of her novels have been published in book form and many of her books have been declared best-selling books.

 Following are her novel books.

  • Tum Achi Lagti Ho
  • Taqaza e Mohabbat
  • Ishq Ki Sazishain
  • Dar e Maknoon
  • Mera Chand Aya

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