Daroon Qalb Novel by Syeda Humail Kazmi

Book Name: Daroon Qalb

The Writer: Syeda Humail Kazmi

Introduction of the Novel:

Daroon  Qalb is a high-quality Urdu novel written by young Urdu novelist Syeda Humail Kazmi. It is a romantic novel that readers liked. Initially, a local Urdu digest published this novel and readers liked it. It is a long novel with more than eight hundred pages.

It is the story of a girl who belongs to a conservative Pakhtun family. This girl is a modern thinker and wants to rebel against ancient Pakhtun traditions. In Pakhtun families, the parents of the girls made all the decisions for the marriage of girls, and the choice and opinions of the girls are not important.

Her family members forbid her to do so. She wants to defy ancient tribal traditions and marry her own choice. They are also threatening to kill her but she is not ready to change her decision. She thinks that a woman should not marry an unseen boy. A woman should be allowed to marry a boy of her choice.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this novel is a Pashtun girl named Nazal. She is an intelligent and beautiful girl with modern thinking. She is a champion of women’s rights and emphasizes women’s empowerment. An ancient idea comes from the Pakhtun family where women are considered less intelligent and their opinions are not valued.

Nazal is a well-educated and intelligent girl who strongly hates cruel practices against women. She publicly criticizes the atrocities on women and says that women should be brave and stand up for their rights. The voice should be raised against the violation of the rights of women.

To get these rights, they are ready to make all kinds of sacrifices. She likes a young man from her village and wants to marry him. She has expressed this desire to her parents but her family members are not ready to allow her to marry her choice. But they are doing very hard.

Daroon Qalb Novel by Syeda Humail Kazmi PDF:

These people have threatened her. She will kill if she tries to rebel against the traditions of her family and tribe. The young man Nazal wants to marry belongs to a noble and respectable family.  

These people have a grocery business and are earning a respectable living. That’s why she wants to make this sophisticated young man her life partner. The author of the novel wants to tell us that girls’ opinions must be known before marriage. She should not force to marry.

If they want to marry their choice, it is not a bad thing. Ego problem not made. Rather, our religion also orders us to know the opinion of women before marriage. The requirement of wisdom is that women should be allowed to marry according to their choice.

Introduction of the Author of the Novel:

Syeda Humail Kazmi is a new novelist in the Urdu language. He belongs to the city of Multan in the Punjab province of Pakistan. She has written ten Urdu novels so far. She mostly writes stories about women’s social problems.

Including inheritance issues, violence against women, and their massacres. She mostly writes short novels with characters. These characters are from our society. His novel Daron e Qalb is very popular among readers of Urdu literature.

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Daroon Qalb Novel by Syeda Humail Kazmi:

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