Daulat Ke Paujari Novel by Iqbal Kazmi

Book Name:  Daulat Ke Paujari

The Writer: Iqbal Kazmi

Introduction to the Book:

Daulat Ke Paujari Novel by Iqbal Kazmi is a popular digest serial action novel. The author of this wonderful novel is Iqbal Kazmi, a well-known novelist of action novels. It is a famous action novel that has been published in a monthly digest for a long time.

It is a long novel that consists of nine volumes. All its volumes have been published and are generally available in the market. It is a best-selling book with several editions sold out of print.

Summary/Story of the Novel:

This Urdu novel has two main characters whose names are Shariq and Samina. Shariq joins a drug-trafficking gang. Due to a disagreement with the drug gang, these people brutally killed all the members of Sharq’s family.

The members of the drug gang are very greedy people. They do not hesitate to kill anyone for the sake of wealth. Shariq is deeply saddened by the killing of his family members. He wants to take revenge on the drug dealers for killing his close loved ones.

For this purpose, he is ready to make all kinds of sacrifices. He is spying on key members of the drug mafia. To deal with drug dealers, he joins a criminal gang to get advanced training in raid operations. Joining a gang of criminals; he has become a powerful and trained fighter.

Author’s Introduction:

Iqbal Kazmi is a well-known Pakistani novelist of Urdu language and literature. He belongs to the city of Lahore in the Pakistani province of Punjab. Iqbal Kazmi received his early education in his hometown.

He is a graduate of Punjab University and has great taste in Urdu poetry and literature. He mostly writes Urdu action-adventure novels. His novels are very popular among readers of Urdu literature.

The novels written by him have been declared best-selling books. His novels are published in Urdu Digests, including Jasoosi, Suspense, etc. He prefers to write thriller novels. He highlights the patriotic spirit in his novels.

His famous novels are as follows.

  • Shatir
  • Payada
  • Waris
  • Doulat Kay Pujari
  • Dehshit Gard
  • Kafarah
  • Sonehri Sanp
  • Azadi Kay Matwalay
  • Mosaad
  • Aag
  • Mafia
  • Angaray
  • Atish Fishan
  • Dasht e Junoon
  • Zindan
  • Gardab

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