Deewana Kar Gaya Roop Sunehra by Hina Asad

Book Name: Deewana Kar Gaya Roop Sunehra

The Writer: Hina Asad

Introduction of the Novel:

Deewana Kar Gaya Roop Sunehra is a high-quality Urdu romantic novel written by the famous Pakistani female Pakistani Urdu novelist Hina Asad. It is a love story of a couple with a huge age difference. The girl is older and the boy is younger. Their mutual love has surpassed their age gap. They both love each other very much and want to be life partners in the future.

This is a long Urdu novel with more than six hundred pages. This is one of the standard novels of Hina Asad. Urdu literature lovers call it the important literary work of Hina. The stories of Hina Asad’s novels are actually our social stories. The characters of these stories belong to our society.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character in the story of this novel is a young boy Sohram. He belongs to a big landowning family in the village. These people have a lot of agricultural lands where their employees do farming work. Sohram’s father is a big landowner and head of the village panchayat. Sohram is twenty-five years old and is an electrical engineer.

He holds a degree in electrical engineering from a major government university in the city. Now he wants to do his own business in the electrical field in the future. He has no intention of getting married now. A village lady has been seen with him for the past few days.

Shoharam has fallen in love with this lady. There is a huge difference between his age and this woman’s age, but their mutual love has made this difference meaningless. Shohram wants to marry this woman and make her his life partner. That woman also agrees to marry him.

Deewana Kar Gaya Roop Sunehra Novel Episode 8:

Shoharam’s father is very angry with his son’s decision to marry of his choice. He wants to marry his son to the daughter of a big landowner. Shoharam’s other family members are forbidding him to marry an older woman. But he loves this woman so much that now he cannot even think about ignoring her.

The author of this novel wants to tell us that age difference does not matter in love. Also, loving couples don’t care about society’s opposition and don’t leave their life partner alone. True lovers bravely face all odds to achieve their love. If you are fond of reading romantic novels, then you will like this novel very much.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Hina Asad is a well-known female novelist of the Urdu language. She mostly writes social romantic Urdu novels. She has written many novels related to outdated traditions of Pakistani society. Apart from this, she also writes short stories on women’s rights, the marriage of choice, and other social topics.

Suspense is the main quality of her novels. Various Pakistani TV channels have made drama serials on her novels; Her Novels are published in Pakeezah Digest, Suspense Digest, and Shuaa Digest. Many of his novels have been published in book form.

Readers of Urdu literature love his novels. Hina Asad started her writing career during her studies. During her student days, she started writing excellent and beautiful novels which were highly appreciated.

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  • Deewana Kar Gaya Roop Sonehra

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