Deewangi Romantic Novel by Falak Urwa Shaifi

Book Name: Deewangi

The Writer: Falak Urwa Shaifi

Introduction of the Novel:

Deewangi is a beautiful romantic novel in the Urdu language written by the best novelist of the Urdu language Falak Urwa Shafi. It is a long novel with more than four hundred and fifty pages. This novel was published in a local Urdu digest. A large number of readers are fans of this novel story.

The story of the novel is about a romantic couple who are determined to fulfill their love story. The story of this novel is very touching and pleasant and will remain in the minds of the readers for a long time. The main characters of the story of the novel are a boy and a girl named Raza and Sanam.

Deewangi  Novel by Falak Urwa Shaifi:

They are a married couple who got married a few months ago. Raza and Sanam are planning to make their married life happy. Both of them have many dreams for their future and they are struggling to fulfill those dreams. Some people are trying to create differences between them and spoil their happy life.

The negative behavior of these people disturbs Raza. Unfortunately, these people have succeeded in creating differences between these couples. The author of the novel tells us about the life of these people, how even after achieving their love destination; they are subjected to various trials.

There are people in our society who become the killers of others’ happiness. Also, the story of the novel depicts the feelings of people who fail to turn their dreams into reality in their lives.

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Deewangi Romantic Novel by Falak Urwa Shaifi:

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