Devta  Novel by Mohiuddin  Nawab  Complete Pdf

Book Name: Devta 

The Writer: Mohiuddin  Nawab

Introduction to the Book:

Devta  Novel by Mohiuddin  Nawab  Complete Pdf is the longest and most widely read novel in the Urdu language and literature. The author of this unique Urdu novel is the famous Urdu novelist Mohiuddin Nawab. 

In the year 1977, the first episode of this novel was published in Suspense Digest. For writing such a wonderful and longest novel, Muhyiddin Nawab in Urdu. The founder of language and literature is called a novelist. 

Now this beautiful novel come to the market. So far its 56 volumes have been printed and published. Mohiuddin Nawab has written this book in very simple and easy language. Even a common and moderately educated person can read it easily.

Summary of the Novel Devta:

Farhad Ali Taimur is the main character of the Urdu novel Devata. He was blessed with immortal fame. Farhad has the characteristic of reading other people’s minds easily. Knowing about other people’s mental abilities is not a difficult task for him.

He reads people’s minds and uses them to crush anti-social elements. Farhad Ali uses people’s minds for secret operations against anti-national elements. The hero is also targeting mafias that are harming the country.

He is planning to defeat them and achieve his task. Many economic mafias in the country want to thwart him. 

Urdu Novel Devta Complete 56 Volumes by Mohiuddin Nawab:

Powerful and politically influential politicians are supporting big mafias. Together they are trying to bring Farhad under pressure. He is fighting their conspiracies very bravely. Farhad has dedicated his life to fighting against evil mafias.

He is for this holy cause. The hero is ready to make any kind of sacrifice. Different mafias have plotted many times to kill him but they could not kill him. Did Farhad Ali Taimur succeed in crushing all the active mafias against him?

Were the members of the political and economic mafia successful in their ambitions or not? What conspiracies did anti-social elements prepare against Farhad Ali Taimur? Read the novel to know the answer to all these questions.

Author’s Introduction:

Mohiuddin Nawab is a famous and best suspense and mysterious novelist and storyteller of Urdu literature.  He has been writing spy novels for a long time. His novels have become very popular in recent times. 

The public liked his writing technique and storytelling skill. The stories of her novels consist of social and romantic stories.

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