Dil Hara Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

Book Name: Dil Hara

The Writer: Zeenia Sharjeel

Introduction of the Novel:

Dil Haara is an excellent social romantic novel with a very beautiful story and high quality. The author of this novel is Zania Sharjeel, a unique and mature novelist of the Urdu language.

The story of the novel is about mutual enmity between two Baloch tribes. Despite the mutual enmity of the tribes, their children are friends and want to end the family rivalry.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main characters of the story of the novel are a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Zaryab Khan and the girl’s name is Rabab. Rabab’s father is the chief of the Shamsherjatoi tribe and Rabab is his only daughter.

Zaryab Khan is the son of Sardar Akbar Khan, who is a very wise and determined man. Rabab and Zaryab Khan have been friends since their school life and love each other very much.

Zaryab Khan wishes to marry Rabab and make her his wife. Rabab’s father, Sardar Shamsher Jatoi, and Sardar Akbar Khan have many years of enmity. Zaryab Khan is trying to end this rivalry to marry his friend Rabab.

He has expressed his wish to Rabab that he wants to make peace with his father Akbar Khan’s sword Jatoi.

Dil Hara Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel Complete Pdf:

However, he knows that Shamsher is a strict man and will not agree to reconcile so easily. Rabab is ready to marry Zaryab Khan but finds it very difficult to convince his father. She knows very well that her father Shamsher will never marry her to Akbar Khan’s son Zaryab Khan.

She cannot imagine living without Zaryab Khan and living without him feels like a prison. As a last option, he is advised by Zaryab Khan that they both run away from home and get married. It is a dangerous plan but apart from that both of them have no other solution to this problem.

So they are planning to implement their plan. This novel story is a beautiful combination of romance, adventure, horror, and sensationalism. Readers of Urdu literature have called it the best and super hit novel of Zainia Sharjeel.

If you are fond of romantic novels, then this beautiful novel is for you. After reading this novel, its wonderful story will remain in your mind for a long time.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Zeenia Sharjeel is a popular Pakistani novelist of the Urdu language. She started her writing career when she was a student in her third year. Zeenia belongs to the Sahiwal district of the Punjab province of Pakistan. She created many super hit and romantic social novels for Urdu literature.

Her writing style is very attractive and beautiful. She mostly writes romantic novels for Khawateen and shuaa digests. Zeenia got an award from Urdu organizations for her literary work in the Urdu language.

Zeenia Sharjeel Novels List:

  • Guru
  • Yaar Beraham
  • Dil Hara
  • Dil Youn Milay Hamaray
  • You are Mine
  • Gunaghar
  • Shaam e Inteqam
  • Itni Mohabbat Karo Na
  • Justaju thi Khaas

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