Dil Phoolon Ki Basti  Novel by Nighat Abdullah

Book Name: Dil Pholon Ki Basti

The Writer: Nighat Abdullah

 Nighat Abdullah Novels Pdf:

Dil Phoolon Ki Basti is an excellent and quality novel in the Urdu language. The author of this novel is the well-known female novelist Nighat Abdullah. A local digest twenty-two years ago published this novel.

Also, this book is the most important literary work of Nighat Abdullah. This story is about a family that has classical cultural traditions. For the sake of social values, and moral values, this family tolerates every loss but does not compromise on the violation of cultural traditions.

Dil Phoolon Ki Basti Novel Part 1:

Dr. Asia is the main character of this novel. Asia is married to Sikandar, the head of the noble family of the village. Sikandar belongs to a large landed family and is the village Chaudhry and the head of the village conciliation council and union council.

He is the terror of his family in the entire village. In addition to his wife Asia, his family includes three daughters. These women have been ordered to remain at home and not try to leave the house. Following his family traditions, Alexander strictly forbids the women of his family to go out of his house.

Even for some essential work, women are not allowed to step outside the house. Dr. Asia is a modern educated woman who is very enlightened and wants to send her daughters to great educational institutions outside the home to get modern education.

Dil Phoolon Ki Basti Novel Part 2:

In addition, Dr. Asia insists her husband Sikandar allow the girls to go out of the mansion, but he keeps refusing. At her constant insistence, he tells them to go their separate ways. He tells Dr. Asiya that he is bound by his family traditions and unable to violate them.

If Dr. Asia and her daughters cannot abide by moral and social values, they can leave the house but he will not reconsider his decision. Dr. Asiya separates from her husband Sikandar and moved to her parent’s house with her daughters.

After Sikandar’s departure, she and her daughters are facing severe financial difficulties and challenges. Asia’s daughters in particular are very saddened by the negative treatment their father is enduring. The ending of the story is very tragic. When the last scene of the story is reached, tears flow from helpless eyes.

Authors, Introduction:

Nighat Abdullah is a well-known female novelist of Pakistani Urdu literature. Her novels are published in local Urdu digests published in Lahore. Apart from writing novels, she also writes dramas for TV channels. The audience loved Many of his Urdu dramas.

Apart from this, she also writes Urdu short stories. Nighat wrote the best collection of Urdu short stories like Mohabbat Ka Hisar. The readers accept her books.

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  • Shaam Dhalnay Say Pehlay
  • Dil e Baiqarar
  • Aik Aam Si Larki
  • Hawaien Rukh Badal Gaien
  • Chandni Ka Safar

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