Ehd e Ulfat Novel by Mehwish Ali

Book Name: Ehd e Ulfat

The Writer: Mehwish Ali

Mehwish Ali Novels:

Ehd e Ulfat Novel by Mehwish Ali PDF is a romantic novel of Urdu literature that reflects Pakistani culture. The writer of this beautiful novel is Pakistani novelist Mehwish Ali. Mehwish Ali has written many social and romantic novels. These novels have gained extraordinary popularity. She mostly writes social novels. His novels have been recognized as the best Urdu novels of Pakistani literature.

Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel revolves around a young girl named Taqwa. Taqwa is a medical student at a major medical college in the city. Ayesha, a girl from her locality, is also a student at the same college as her.

She is an intelligent student who wants to serve the suffering of humanity by becoming a gynecologist in the future. Taqwa’s parents died when he was a child. His family lived in a small village in a remote district of Sindh. There were no facilities for urban life available in this village.

Now those two siblings have left this village and are living in Karachi city. Taqwa’s brother is working as a production manager in a big company in Karachi. After the death of his parents, his brother has taken him to Karachi city so that he can get higher medical education from here.

Ehd e Ulfat by Mehwish Ali Complete:

A friend of Taqwa’s brother works with him in a factory in Karachi and has his own house in Karachi city. Both siblings are staying in her house temporarily. Taqwa also works in this house. While studying in college, Taqwa meets a boy who is a very intelligent and capable student.

He is Taqwa’s classmate and wishes to befriend Taqwa. She gets interested in this boy and makes him her friend. Both are having a good time and they both become very close to each other. Then Taqwa thinks that he is a good-looking young man why should I not make him my life partner?

Ehd e Ulfat Complet Novel by Mehwish Ali:

Both are thinking about it but Taqwa’s classmate girl who is also his friend gets in the way of marrying the boy. Aisha is very jealous of both of them. She befriends this boy and wishes to get married herself. That’s why she puts barriers between them.

How did the story of the novel end? Did Taqwa get married to her boyfriend or not? Did Aisha succeed in her goal or not? To know the answer to all these questions, read the novel completely.

Author’s Introduction:

Mehwish Ali is a famous Pakistani female novelist of Urdu literature. She is from Lahore, the Punjab province of Pakistan. Mehwish Ali received her early education from educational institutions in Lahore. She passed matric and intermediate exams from private educational institutes in Lahore.

The writer is still continuing his studies. She is graduating from a private university in Lahore. Mehwish Ali started his writing career at an early age. Mehwish Ali was still a matriculation student when she started writing novels. She created her official Facebook page and started publishing her novels in episode form on this page.

Readers appreciated his literary work immensely and his novels were well-received. She mostly writes romantic novels. Mehwish Ali has also written quite a number of social novels. The romance and suspense factor is quite high in Mehwish Ali’s novels.

Qualities of the Novels of Mehwish Ali:

Fans of Urdu literature say that there is magic in Mehwish Ali’s writing. His writing style and his storytelling skills are very impressive. Her writing career is just beginning, but the writings of her novels are so mature that no one can recognize that these novels are written by a young student.

Her novels are an asset of Urdu literature, which everyone looks at with admiration. His novels are a great addition to Urdu literature. Mehwish Ali is very lucky in the sense that he had great success at the beginning of his writing career.

Her novels are selling hand to hand. Mehwish Ali has thousands of followers on his official Facebook page.

Mehwish Ali Novels List:

  1. Ehd e Ulfat
  2. Intehai Junooniat
  3. Dasht e Wehshat
  4. Bodyguard
  5. The Wex Wolf
  6. Eid Sang Mohabbat
  7. Tera Ashiq Main Deewana Hoon Awara

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