Fasana Ishq Romantic Novel by Sadaf Memon

Book Name: Fasana Ishq

The Writer: Sadaf Memon

Social Urdu Novels:

Fasana Ishq is a romantic novel in the Urdu language that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The author of this novel is the famous short story writer and novelist Sadaf Memon.

Sadaf is still new to novel writing but she received a great response at the beginning of her career. Several of his novels have been published in episode form in Pakeezah Digest and Shuaa Digest. Now many of his novels have been published in book form.

The story of this novel is about a young boy who has two girls in his life at the same time. Both girls are sisters. She is the boy’s friend and wants to marry him. But the problem is that it is not possible for him to marry both of them.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

In the story of this book, Shah Mir is the main character. Sana is the other main character of the story. Shah Mir is the son of Sana’s uncle and they both have had a good understanding since their childhood.

Sana likes Shah Mir very much and wants to marry him. But Shah Mir has no intention of marrying this girl. Shah Mir likes Sana’s sister Malaika very much and wants her. He wants marriage to Malaika.

Malaika is also interested in marrying him but Sana is the biggest obstacle in their relationship. It is also becoming very difficult for Shah Mir to displease Sana and refuse her marriage. But now he knows that he will have to make this difficult decision.

Fasana Ishq Romantic Novel by Sadaf Memon PDF:

When Sana’s opposition became too much, Shah Mir made it clear to her that he loved Malaika and would marry her. Therefore, Sana should stop chasing him and should not oppose them both becoming life partners.

It was a totally unexpected reaction for Sana as she never expected that Shah Mir would reject her like this. He is very shocked by her blunt answer. This is a socio-romantic story that Urdu literature readers are reading with great interest.

If you are also an avid reader of social and romantic Urdu novels, then this Urdu novel will be the best gift. It is such an interesting and suspenseful story that once you start reading it, you will not stop until it is complete.

Author’s Introduction:

Sadaf Memon is a famous Pakistani woman novelist of Urdu literature. She has written a very good and super hit novel for Urdu literature. Her novels are published by leading Pakistani Urdu digests, including Shuaa Digest, Women’s Digest, and Suspense Digest.

Lovers of Urdu literature love his novels. Urdu literature critics consider his novels as an asset of the Urdu language. Sadaf Memon is a graduate of Lahore University and is a journalist by profession. She is also working as a lecturer in a private college.

Urdu linguists consider his novels the best literary works. Apart from novels, she also writes Urdu short stories and plays. A collection of her Urdu short stories has also been published. Fasana Ishq is her Super hit Urdu Novel which has got extraordinary fame among Urdu literature readers.

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