Gardab (Complete) Novel by Asma Qadri PDF

Book Name: Gardab

The Writer: Asma Qadri

Introduction to the Book:

Gardab is a wonderful and beautiful novel of Urdu literature. The author of this novel is Asma Qadri, a well-known female novelist of the Urdu language. Monthly Jasoosi Urdu Digest published it on a regular basis in episodes.

Digest published these episodes in it for the next five years. Now this beautiful novel is available in the market. It is a long novel of which six volumes have been published so far. Like the Devta, in Urdu literature, this novel is the longest novel.

Summary /Story of the Novel:

The protagonist of the story of this novel is a handsome young Shehryar. Shehryar is a talented Assistant Commissioner selected. He is posted in the city some time ago. He is a patriotic and dutiful officer with high qualities.

Urdu Novel Gardab by Asma Qadri:

Mah Noor is a young and well-educated woman from the city. She is Sheharyar ‘s classmate and childhood friend. Two months ago; a famous Jagirdar brutally murdered her parents for the rogue of the area.

Mah Noor is very worried because there is no investigation against this Jagirdar. More distressed. He requests Sheharyar to help him to get justice in this case. Assistant Commissioner Sheharyar issues orders to the police to speed up the proceedings of this case.

Gardab Novel Complete 6 Volumes by Asma Qadri:

As the investigation begins, the police officers tell Shahryar that the Jagirdar is not only involved in murder cases but is wanted by the police in many such cases. Apart from this, secret agencies of many countries funded the landlord for anti-national activities.

Indian intelligence agency Raw and Israeli intelligence agency Mosaad are supporting him in his activities against the state. To investigate the anti-national activities against the Jagirdar, Shahyar hands him over to the law enforcement agencies for further investigation to find out his network.

The language of this action-adventure novel is very simple and general. It is understandable and can be read and understood by the common man very easily. If you have been reading such novels before then this novel will be a great gift for you.

Author’s Introduction:

Asma Qadri is a famous Pakistani Urdu novelist. She has written dozens of romantic Urdu novels so far. Asma belongs to Lahore city. His superhit novels are Gardab and Mandir Par Chand.

The greatest quality of the novel is that his language is very simple and easy to understand. She mostly writes novels and short stories for the monthly Jasoosi Digest. His digest serial novels have achieved extraordinary popularity.

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