Haray Huway Log Novel by Durre Suman PDF

Book Name: Haray Huway Log

The Writer: Durr e Suman

Introduction of the Novel:

Haray Huway Log is a masterpiece Urdu novel written by Dar Thaman. It is a social romantic novel that tells the story of a family consisting of only girls and these girls have no brothers.

Due to not having any female children, the mother of the girls is taunted by the relatives and people of the neighborhood. The father of the girls considers his wife to be the reason for not having a son and takes a very hateful attitude toward her.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character in the story of this novel is a girl named Shahwar. His parents are very poor and they are having a hard time. Shahwar has a total of five sisters and no brothers. Her mother is a very sophisticated woman and is keen to give her daughters higher education.

For this purpose, she is fulfilling the education expenses of her daughters by doing sewing and embroidery work. Shahwar’s mother Narina is facing many problems and problems due to childlessness. Having only daughters, her income is very limited as she does not have an earning son.

Shahwar is very intelligent among her sisters. Her academic career is very impressive. He has passed matriculation and intermediate examination with top ranks. Now she is pursuing higher studies in engineering at a major government university in the city.

Shahwar’s mother wants her daughter to become an engineer and make her family famous. She is working day and night to fulfill her mother’s wish. There is a boy in her class at the university who is also pursuing higher studies in engineering named Faraz.

Haray Huway Log Complete Novel by Durre Suman:

Faraz is a big fan of Shahwar and is trying to build a relationship with her. He is trying hard to get her. Establishing a friendship with Faraz is a mischievous and extravagant person who befriends girls and uses them by trapping them in the trap of love.

After fulfilling his purpose, he ends the relationship with them. He has created an apparent love drama with Shahwar, but he wants to fulfill his nefarious ambitions by having a relationship with him.

Shahwar knows that he is a vile and impure-minded person so she does not give him any importance. She rejects his offer of friendship and love. Faraz becomes Shahwar’s enemy when his nefarious ambitions are not fulfilled.

He makes a plan to defame her in the university and spreads the stories of her illicit relationship with Shahwar throughout the university. Due to Faraz’s negative thinking and attitude, Shahwar’s trust in men is lost.

She thinks that maybe all men have the same thinking and character. The author of this story exposes the thinking and behavior of men with bad characters.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Durr e Saman Bilal is a young novelist of the Urdu language. He has written dozens of novels so far and readers of Urdu literature have liked his novel stories immensely. She mostly writes digest serial novels.

She writes novels and stories on various topics related to women, such as divorce, forced marriages, women’s rights, honor killings, and women’s lack of education. Apart from this, she also writes social romantic novels.

She is also an expert in writing Urdu short stories. Different TV channels have made drama serials based on his Urdu short stories. A collection of his Urdu short stories has also been published.

Durr e Saman Bilal Novels List:

  1. Main Mohabbat Aur Tum
  2. Tu Meri Zaroorat Hai
  3. Teri Yad Saath hai
  4. Tum Meray Saath Raho

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