Hum Tumhein Jeet Ke Haray Hain by Nighat Seema

Book Name: Hum Tumhain Jeet Ke Haray Hain

The Writer: Nighat Seema

Introduction of the Novel:

Hum Tumhain Jeet Ke Haray Hain, is a great Urdu novel written by a unique Urdu novelist Nighat Seema. It is a social romantic novel that tells the love story of a boy and a girl.

Nighat Seema Novels:

This novel is the first time. It was published in an Urdu magazine published from Karachi. Fans of Urdu literature have liked it very much. Now this novel has also been published in the form of a book.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

This novel story is about a beautiful girl named Sajal. She is an independent and modern-thinking girl. She is an intelligent and hardworking student. Sajal has excelled in the matriculation exam. She wants to serve the suffering of humanity by becoming a qualified doctor in the future.

Her parents also want him to become an eye doctor and bring glory to his parents and family. So she has taken admitted to the pre-medical group in the local college for this purpose. She is the smartest student in the class and all the girls in the class are her fan.

A boy in her class is trying to get closer to her. But Sajal is not too open with her. The boy first tries to make her a friend, and after getting a positive response; he becomes a huge fan of her. He falls in love with Sajal and makes her his life partner.

Hum Tumhein Jeet Ke Haray Hain Urdu Novel by Nighat Seema Pdf:

But Sajal considers her only a friend and she has told him that she is here to study so she is not in a mood to get married right now. After some time, the news of Sajal’s friendship with the boy reached his parents.

Sajal’s parents became very angry with her and warned him that if he did not change his behavior, they would stop sending him to college. Things become more complicated for Sajal as she has to choose between her studies and love. It is becoming very difficult for him to decide.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Nighat Seema is known as a prominent Urdu novelist and fiction writer. She has written more than a hundred Urdu novels so far. Nighat mostly writes novels on romantic and social issues.

The best quality of her novels is that they are in very common and simple language that even a man can easily read. Seema’s novels Women are published in the form of episodes in various Urdu magazines. Seema mostly writes digest serial novels which are published in local Urdu magazines.

Apart from other topics, she has written many novels on topics like social problems, women’s problems, forced marriage, poverty, and social inequality. Apart from novels, she also writes Urdu short stories. Various Pakistani TV channels have made drama serials on many of his stories.

Nighat Seema Novels List:

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