Ik Teri Talb by Malisha Rana Complete Novel

Book Name: Ik Teri Talb

The Writer: Malisha Rana

Introduction of the Novel:

Ik Teri Talb is an excellent romantic novel written by Malisha Rana. It is a digest serial novel that has been published in the form of episodes in a magazine. The story of the novel is about a family which is only two people. There is one brother and one sister.

 The girl has decided to get married of her choice and for this purpose, she got engaged to a young man a few days ago. A few months later, the girl and the young man get married. The young man she is going to make her life partner is a drifter and a playboy boy.

He has friendly relations with many girls and most of the girls with whom he has promised to marry. He is a philandering and vulgar man who has friendly relations with girls only to pass the time and later abandons them.

Summary/Story of the Novel:

The main characters of the story of this novel are a boy and a girl Hashim and Alia. Alia’s parents died in her childhood. She has no one in this world except her brother. Aaliya loves Hashim very much and wishes to marry him.

Hashim has been her classmate in college and both know each other well. Aaliya talks to her brother about getting engaged to Hashim and sends him to Hashim’s parents. Hashim’s parents did not agree to their son’s marriage to Alia, but on the insistence of Alia’s brother, they promised to marry their son to Ali, and the date was set.

Ik Teri Talb Novel by Malisha Rana Pdf:

Aaliya is an innocent and simple-minded girl who does not know much about Hashim’s bad habits. Actually, Hashim is a rambunctious and playboy youth who has friendly relations with many girls. He promises each of his girlfriends that he will marry her.

However, he uses these girls for his nefarious purposes and later abandons them. He also befriended Aaliya for this purpose but the simple-minded Aaliya decided to marry him considering him as a true and compassionate person. Hashim is still spending many nights with his girlfriends. After his true face is exposed, Aaliya is very traumatized and she is thinking of ways to get rid of this loafer man.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Malisha Rana is the renowned Urdu Novelist of Pakistan. She was born in Karachi in 1999. She received her primary education from the famous educational institutions of Karachi.

Currently, she is studying in the B.Sc degree program at the University of Karachi. Mallisha Rana has achieved extraordinary popularity in the art of romantic novel writing.

Malisha Rana Novels:

Due to her unique style, she has gained a lot of popularity among Urdu literature lovers. Malisha Rana started her writing career in her student days. She is one of those lucky writers who got immense recognition at the beginning of her career.

Various digests and magazines published Maleesha novels. Urdu literature is considered her novel’s masterpiece. 

Malisha Rana Novels List:

  • Wajah Tum Ho
  • Hamain Tum se Payar Kitna
  • Hawas
  • Tum Meri Zindagi Ho
  • Teri Mohabbat Main
  • Your Madness
  • Ik Teri Talab
  • Ik Mulaqat
  • Extreme Love
  • Rooh e Ishq
  • Meri Zindagi hai Tu

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