I’m Truly Yours Romantic Novel by Suneha Rauf

 Book Name: I’m Truly Yours

The Writer: Suneha Rauf

Introduction to the Book: 

Suneha Rauf Novels:

I’m Truly Yours Romantic Novel by Suneha Rauf is a popular Urdu novel with a very strong and engaging story. The author of this novel is Saneha Rauf who is the best novelist in the Urdu language. It is a traditional, cultural, social, and romantic story that reflects the ups and downs of relationships.

This novel is being published in the form of episodes on the writer’s social media page. Now all the stories of this novel story The episodes have been completed and soon it will be published in book form and hit the market.

I am Truly your Novel Book Summary:

Rabel is the main girl of this story. Rabil is a good-looking and highly educated lady. Rabil is proud of her wonderful personality, smart body, and fair complexion. These qualities have made Rabel very arrogant.

She does not care for any boy at all and treats him with great contempt and has become a really self-centered and selfish girl. She is also very proud of her family background and influence. There is no doubt that Rabel is a beautiful girl, but nature has linked her fate with a boy who is weak in appearance.

Ghaziyan Ijaz is the second main character of this novel. However, Rabil changed his mind and decided that he will not accept Ghazian’s love. Actually, Ghazian is his big fan and lover.

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He has met her several times to befriend her. She meets him and tells him that I am ashamed of the misbehavior she had done to him earlier and promise not to do it again. Ghazian is very surprised at Rabil’s changed attitude but is extremely happy to find unexpected happiness.

Meryl is the main girl in the story. Meryl’s story is very painful and tearful. He belongs to a middle-class family. He was abducted by kidnappers as a child and sold to human traffickers.

I’m Truly Yours Novel( Complete) by Suneha Rauf PDF:

Fortunately, he found a good-hearted person who helped him a lot to save his life from the traffickers. Meryl is very kind to this good man and very grateful to him for freeing him from the clutches of smugglers. She is trying to somehow repay his favor.

The suspense factor in the story of this novel is quite high. It is a long novel consisting of eight hundred pages. If you have read this type of novel before, then you must read this novel.

Author’s Introduction:

Suneha Rauf is a newcomer novelist and storyteller of Urdu literature. She is a social media novelist who shares her novels on her official social media pages. These novel stories are uploaded as episodes. Her novels have become very popular in recent times.

Many publishing houses have published her novels in book form. The public like her writing technique and storytelling skill. The stories of her novels consist of social and romantic stories. She has thousands of followers on his official Social Media page.

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