Imran Series

Introduction of the Book:

Imran series is the most popular story series in Urdu language. Ibn e Safi, the writer of the Imran series, gave a new style to storytelling in the Urdu language by writing detective stories. In the name of the Imran series, many other writers have written Urdu stories for children, but the fame of Ibn Safi’s Imran Series stories has not been achieved by other authors.

Regarding Imran series, Urdu literature experts said that The masterpiece stories of the Imran series is that it is popular among children and adults alike. Imran series has become an eternal part of the history of Urdu literature and as long as there are Urdu language lovers in the world, this story series will continue to be mentioned.

The stories of the Imran series have a magical appeal. This is the reason why several editions of Imran series story books have been sold out of print till now. After Ibn e Safi, the author of Imran series, gained unparalleled fame, many people tried their luck in writing detective stories. The stories of Mazhar Kaleem’s Imran series, and Zaheer Ahmed’s Imran series, have become very popular among the masses.

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