Ishq e Bekhabar Novel by Bint e Ahmad Shaikh PDF

Book Name: Ishq e Bekhabar

The Writer: Bint e Ahmad Shaikh

Introduction of the Novel:

Ishq Bekhabar is a high-quality socio-romantic novel authored by renowned novelist Bint Ahmed Shaikh. The story of the novel is about a businessman who has a garment business in foreign countries besides Pakistan.

This young businessman loves his wife very much and wants to see her happy all the time. Other members of his family look at his wife with extreme hatred and their attitude towards her is very negative even though she is a very polite and respectful girl.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of the novel is a young businessman who is absent. Apart from Pakistan, Hazair’s business is also spread in European countries. He often travels to European countries for business engagements. He is married and has a daughter who is five years old.

His wife is named Mishi and she is a very educated and intelligent girl. Unfortunately, Hazir’s parents and sisters are very hostile towards Mishi. Recently Hazir visited European countries for the last six months and now he is returning to his homeland.

Ishq e Bekhabar Romantic Novel by Bint e Ahmad Shaikh:

In his absence, Hazir’s sisters and his parents have thrown his wife Mishi out of the house. Hazir was not informed of this harsh decision. Mishi is currently staying at her father Azaan’s house and is waiting for her husband to return. Hazir is unaware of the whole affair and has rushed back from Europe to meet his wife.

Back in Pakistan, he finds that his wife has been thrown out of the house by her parents and sisters. He is very traumatized by this situation. He never expected that his siblings and parents would get fed up with his wife so quickly and throw her out of the house in his absence and without discussing it with him.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Bint e Ahmed Shaikh is a young Urdu novelist and short story writer. Although the number of Urdu novels written by him is very few, the novels he has written so far have become very popular. Bint Ahmed Hussain writes Urdu novels for various websites and Urdu language digests. Weekly magazines and monthly digests published many of her novels.

Many of her novels were published in book form. Bint Ahmad Hussein has gained popularity among Urdu literature lovers in a very short period.  A large number of Urdu people are fans of her novels. Especially young students are fans of her novels.

She publishes her Urdu novels in the form of episodes on various social media pages. In recent days her Urdu novel Ishq Be Khabar has become very popular. Urdu literature website published her novel in the form of episodes. Bint e Ahmad Hussain’s writing style is very unique and inspiring due to which readers like her novels very much.

Bint e Ahmad Shaikh Novels List:

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  • Muhafiz
  • Ishq e Bekhabar
  • Shukar

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