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Book Name: Jadugar

The Writer: M.A Rahat

Jadugar Best Horror Novel in Urdu:

Jadugar Novel by M.A Rahat Pdf is a mysterious and thrilling Urdu novel that has been loved by readers of Urdu literature. The author of this best novel is the unique Urdu novelist MA Rahat. The story of this novel is about a forgetful boy named Ihtsham. He meets a beautiful girl in a hotel and falls in love with her.

The girl is actually a fairy and she wants to take the boy to a mysterious kingdom about which he has no knowledge. The girl tells him that far away there is a kingdom full of gold and she is the owner of that kingdom. The boy is dignified. She asks Ihtsham to take control of his property in Sonapuri.

Summary /Story of Novel:

The story of this novel is about a young man whose name is Ehtisham. Ehtsham is a good-looking and decent young man. Ehtsham was only seven years old when his parents died in a traffic accident. His uncle took the responsibility of bringing up and educating Ihtsham.

He took him to his home. His uncle was a good and kind person who treated him with great kindness and love. However, Ihtsham’s aunt was a strict and proud woman who did not treat him well. Ehtsham’s uncle wanted him to get higher education and for this purpose, he was supporting him fully financially.

He was just completing his graduation when his kind and compassionate uncle died. He was very worried and heartbroken because he knew that his aunt would no longer have him in her house. A month after his uncle’s death, his aunt threw him out of the house.

He had no place to stay and no money to eat, so he decided to quit his studies and find a job. After a few days after the interview, he got a job in a five-star hotel. He joined duty in the hotel after a few days and he was quite satisfied with the job.

Jadugar by M.A Rahat Pdf:

One day suddenly a girl came to him and asked to meet him in a private room at the hotel. Ehtesham was reluctant to meet this girl and did not want to meet her. Later, however, he decided that he should meet the girl to find out what she had to say.

That girl was addressing Ehtsham as Dharma. Eastham tells him you have misunderstood I am not Dharma I am Ehtsham. But the girl insisted and said no you are dharma and I have to talk to you.

Horror Stories in Urdu pdf download:

The girl politely said that you have properties in Sonapuri state so you should get control of your properties. Ehtisham is surprised and worried by his words. He doesn’t understand what he should do. He decides to go with this girl. The girl takes him to a new and mysterious world that he has not seen before.

This girl is actually a witch who has fallen in love with a decent youth like Ihtsham and wants to take him to the wizards’ village. The story of this novel is about a terrifying and mysterious creature. Apparently, this is a fictional story that has nothing to do with the real world.

Author’s Introduction:

M.A Rahat is a great novelist of Urdu literature. Rahat has written almost all types of Urdu novels. He mostly writes historical and adventure, and mystery novels.

The writer belongs to the city of Lahore. He started his writing carrier in Khofnak digest by writing short stories and horror novels in episodes. The author got extraordinary fame to write mystery novels in Urdu literature.

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