Jalan Urdu Novel by M.A Rahat Pdf

Book Name: Jalan

The Writer: M. A Rahat

M.A Rahat Novels:

Jalan is an engaging, well-written social novel. The author of this novel book is well-known Urdu novelist MA Rahat. It is a social story in which a young man is struggling to achieve a high position in society.

Since his childhood, he has aspired to become a big man and occupy a prestigious position in society. He has many dreams to raise his social status and he is working day and night to achieve the realization of his dreams.

For this purpose, he is pursuing higher education and strives to become a qualified barrister. It is a digest serial novel that has been published in a magazine in the form of episodes.

Now this novel is also available in the market in book form. MA Rahat mostly writes adventure, action, and social novels. This novel is one of his famous novels.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

This Urdu novel is about a young man named Mansoor. Mansoor belongs to a very poor family and lives a life of extreme poverty. His father died when he was a child. Since then he has been working hard to support his household.

His mother is working in a utility store where she earns only a few thousand rupees. They don’t even have their own house and live in a third-class rented flat. There are supports and they have no other support in this world.

Mansoor’s mother wants her son to get higher education and become a qualified barrister and attain a high position in society. Mansoor is working day and night to get his law degree from a reputed law college in the city.

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His mother spends more than half of her monthly salary on his education. So that he becomes a competent lawyer and becomes his strong support. Mansoor is trying his best to fulfill his mother’s dream.

He often asks his mother why she chose a barrister degree for me and she smiles and says I shall tell you everything when the time comes. For now, study hard and complete your law degree.

It is a social novel in which the problems of the lower and downtrodden sections of society are highlighted. The author tells us how poor people struggle to meet their basic needs in this story.

Author’s Introduction:

M.A Rahat is a great novelist of Urdu literature. Rahat has written almost all types of Urdu novels. He mostly writes historical and adventure, and mystery novels.

The writer belongs to the city of Lahore. He started his writing carrier from Khofnak digest by writing short stories and horror novels in episodes.

Rahat got extraordinary fame to write mystery novels in urdu literature. You will also like the following beautiful Urdu PDF books similar to this book:

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