Jame Tareekh e Hind pdf

Book Name: Jame Tarikh e Hind

The Writer: Prof. Muhammad Habib & Khaleeq Ahmad Nizami

Introduction to the Book:

Jame Tarikh e Hind is a detailed and authentic history book of India in the Urdu language. Scholars and students have highly appreciated this book. The authorship of this wonderful book has been done by two Indian scholars named Prof. Muhammad Habib and Khaleeq Ahmad Nizami.

Both scholars have written about important historical events with great effort and research. In the first volume of the book, the history of ancient India is described in detail. The sequence of different periods of the history of ancient India is as follows.

  • Vedic period
  • Harpa era
  • Gupta period
  • Maurya period
  • Gupta period
  • Rajput period
  • Arab period
  • Sultanate period
  • Mughal period
  • Maratha period
  • British Era
  • Democratic India

Jame Tareekh e Hind by Khaleeq A Nizami Pdf:

Historians say that the history of India is seventy-three thousand years old. Seventy-three thousand years ago, people from Great Africa came to India and settled here forever.

Distinguished historians have shed light on all the above periods. Important war events of the Arab period and the Mughal period have been recorded in detail, especially in Sultanate terms.

Introduction of the authors of the book:

Khaleeq Ahmad Nizami and Professor Muhammad Habib are the authors of the Comprehensive History of India. Both of them are professors of history at Aligarh University in India. Along with the teaching profession, he also actively participates in academic and research activities.

The book under review is the best masterpiece of his scholarly research. Apart from the comprehensive history of India, he has also written several textbooks for students which are included in the syllabus of history subjects of various universities.

The writers of the book have tried their best to convey accurate historical information to the readers of the book. For this purpose, he has taken great help from ancient books of Indian history.

The history of India is thousands of years old and very long, but the book’s authors have done a remarkable feat by covering it concisely and comprehensively. It is undoubtedly a wonderful gift for students of history.

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