Junooniyat Novel by Maryam PDF

Book Name: Junooniyat

The Writer: Maryam

Introduction of the Novel:

Junooniyat is a high-quality novel written by young novelist Maryam. It is a social romantic novel whose story is very impressive and standard. The story of this novel is about a young boy who is struggling to find success in the ways of love. The novel has more than five hundred pages and it is published by a publisher in Karachi. The story of the novel is about a boy. who is concerned with following ancient family traditions?

The main character of the story of the novel is a boy who likes to blindly follow his family traditions. Due to imitating these family traditions, this young man is facing many sufferings. He now regrets following the ancient family tradition. His beloved offered him to be his life partner in marriage but he is not ready to accept the offer and his beloved is disappointed to become someone else’s life partner.

Fortune knocked on the door of this young man but he made wrong decisions and pushed himself towards suffering. The author of the novel informs us about the feelings and thoughts of those people who lose their love due to wrong decisions. Maryam is a young novelist and has written dozens of novels so far. She mostly writes social romantic novels and her novels are gaining popularity.

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