Kabhi Ranjishain Kabhi Qurbatain by Abiha Ali

Book Name: Kabhi Ranjishain Kabhi Qurbatain

The Writer: Abiha Ali

Introduction of the Novel:

Kabhi Ranjsheen Kabhi Qorbatin is a unique and beautiful novel. The author of this novel is Abiha Ali, a well-known per-mile novelist of the Urdu language. It is a socio-romantic, and cultural story that Urdu literature lovers loved. Abiha Ali mostly writes romantic and social novels.

Her novels are published as episodes in local Urdu digests. It is the story of a girl who is highly educated and good-looking but her parents want to marry her off to a boy who is uneducated. The girl thinks that she should be allowed to get married according to her own will.

But her father is a strict man who does not give any importance to her opinion. In this story, the feelings of the girls who are forced into marriage are interpreted. Such girls, forced by family pressure and traditions, endure this cruelty silently and spend the rest of their lives crying.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this social romantic novel is a girl whose name is Eshal. She is a beautiful and highly educated girl. Her father is a big zamindar and Chaudhry of the village. Her father is the leader of the village panchayat.

Moreover, Eshel is a decent, liberal, and sophisticated girl. She is a strong voice for women’s rights. She has many dreams to live a good life. Ashil’s father wants to marry her to his nephew Shahzar Khan. Shahzar is an ordinary farmer who works in his own fields.

He is marginally educated and lives a simple life. While Eshil has a degree in software engineering from a top university. Eshel is looking for the prince of her dreams to marry. But unfortunately, her family traditions are against her thinking and modern ideas.

Kabhi Ranjishain Kabhi Qurbatain Novel by Abiha Ali PDF:

There is no custom in her family to allow girls to marry according to their choice. Any girl subjected to torture, rebels against family traditions. However, she has to rebel against her family because Eshel is determined to get married of her choice.

A few days ago, her father has told her that he has decided to marry her off to his nephew. She is deeply hurt. Eshel told her father clearly that she should marry Shahzaar. Not at all happy with her decision. She would like to marry a well-educated and decent young man who holds a degree in computer engineering.

She has told her family about her boyfriend and wants to marry him. The author of the novel informs us about the wrong decisions and mistakes of the parents. She says that the punishment for these wrong decisions of the parents has to be borne by young girls throughout their life.

She believes that young girls must have the right to marry of their choice. Parents should not impose their decisions on their children. Forced Marriage creates feelings of rebellion in girls, which leads to conflicts in the family.

Introduction of the author of the Novel:

Abiha Ali is a new writer of the Urdu language and she has created many novels so far. She started her writing career while studying. Her style of writing gives the impression of a mature writer.

Abhiha wrote various Urdu digests that won praise. Many private TV channels made drama serials based on her stories.

Abhiha Novels:

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  • Kuch Ranjashain Kuch Kurbatain

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