Kahan Kami Reh Jati Hai by Durr e Suman PDF

Novel Name: Kahan Kami Reh Jati Hai

The Writer: Durr e Suman

Introduction of the Novel:

Kahan Kami Reh Jati Hai is a high-quality and standard novel written by Durr e Suman. It is a social story that covers the social problems faced by poor families. Marriage of girls has become a big social problem in our society.

Durr e Saman Novels:

Girls from poor families cannot get married despite reaching marriageable age due to a lack of dowry arrangements. Sometimes, waiting for a good family relationship; girls pass the age of marriage due to which they are not able to get married.

The story of the novel under comment is about one such family whose daughters are not married due to lack of dowry. The mother of the girls is often sick and worried due to this trauma. She prays to Allah to provide the means to get her daughters married.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this novel is a girl named Dar Aden. She has a total of four sisters and no brothers. Dar adan is the eldest among her sisters. She is more than twenty-five years old and her parents are very worried about his marriage.

Her mother and father have become old and sick and cannot do any hard work. They want to get their daughters married early but due to poverty, no one is ready to marry their daughters.

Her relatives are unwilling to marry his daughters because they are unable to provide large and expensive dowries. Dar Adan’s mother has become seriously ill from the trauma and is always trying to get her daughters married.

Dar adan is a girl who believes in God and has strong nerves. She thinks that this is a test from Allah and soon Allah will take her family out of the test and provide ease. Ezer is a sophisticated and compassionate young man who has recently completed his education.

Kahan kami Reh Jati Hai Complete Novel by Durr e Saman:

Today he is working as a senior chemist in a local chemical company. He is fully aware of Daradan and his family’s financial difficulties and is ready to help them. She has proposed to Daradan’s parents that she is ready to marry Daradan if they agree.

He will not demand dowry or ask them to spend huge expenses on marriage. Dar Adan’s parents have accepted this young man’s offer and are ready to marry Dar adan to Ezer.

Dar Adan’s mother in particular is very happy and she thinks that Allah has heard our cry and sent Ezer to us to help us. She treats Ezer with great love and compassion. Ezer also appreciates the feelings of love of this virtuous woman.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Durr e Saman Bilal is a young novelist of the Urdu language. He has written dozens of novels so far and readers of Urdu literature have liked his novel stories immensely. She mostly writes digest serial novels.

She writes novels and stories on various topics related to women, such as divorce, forced marriages, women’s rights, honor killings, and women’s lack of education. Apart from this, she also writes social romantic novels.

She is also an expert in writing Urdu short stories. Different TV channels have made drama serials based on his Urdu short stories. A collection of his Urdu short stories has also been published.

Durr e Saman Bilal Novels List:

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  2. Tu Meri Zaroorat Hai
  3. Teri Yad Saath hai
  4. Tum Meray Saath Raho

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