Kanz ul ilaj by Dr. Rafique Hijazi

Book Name: Kanz ul ilaj

The Writer: Dr. Rafique Hijazi

Introduction of the Book:

Kanz ul ilaj is a standard book on the treatment methods of Greek medicine. The author of this book is Hakeem and Dr. Rafiq Hijazi. This book is very popular among practitioners and students of Greek medicine.

Medical practitioners newly certified in the practice of medicine find this book essential guidance. This book was first published in the year 1948 by Toba Tek Singh in Punjab. Due to the unprecedented popularity of the book; several editions of it have been published.

Kanzul ilaj by Hakeem Rafique Hijazi pdf:

In the book, Hakeem Sahib mentioned the symptoms of all the major diseases and their different methods of treatment. Later, he prescribed medicines according to three types of treatment methods, Greek medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and homeopathy.

He is an experienced physician who has treated thousands of patients with Greek medicine and homeopathy for many years. He has transferred the essence of his medical experience into this medical book.

The correct medical prescriptions for the pleasure of Allah and the service of God’s creation have been described in the book. So that God’s creatures can get guidance from this book and treat the sick and make it a source of salvation for me on the Day of Resurrection.

Author’s Introduction:

Hakeem and Dr. Rafiq Hijazi belong to Toba Tek Singh city of Punjab. As an experienced physician, he has been treating patients for many years. He is well-versed in Greek medicine and homeopathy and has cured many emaciated patients who had lost hope in their lives.

Dr. Rafiq Hijazi has also written several books about homeopathy treatment which have been well-appreciated by the public. This book encourages employment by making various products at home.

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Kanz ul ilaj by Dr. Rafique Hijazi:

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