Kanz ul Mufridat by Hakeem Abdullah

Book Name: Kanz ul-Mufardat

The Writer: Hakeem Abdullah

Introduction of the Book:

Kanz ul-Mufardat is the main book of Hakeem Abdullah which is written according to the law of medicine. According to this method of treatment, patients are treated with a single medicine. Surprisingly, this method of treatment is very successful.

Hakeem Sabir Multani has done a lot of research about this method of treatment in Pakistan. Following his example, Hakeem Abdullah also popularized the use of single drugs for the treatment of diseases and wrote separate treatises on the properties of various drugs.

These journals have gained great popularity in medical circles. Young doctors make full use of his medical research.

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  • Traits were given
  • Traits Banyan
  • Traits Radish
  • Properties of Turmeric
  • Characteristic traits
  • Watermelon Traits
  • Traits apple
  • Characteristics of Mango
  • Characteristics of honey
  • Traits Kalonji
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Author’s Introduction:

Hakeem Abdullah was born in Hisar, Punjab, India. Abdullah received his early education at home from his father Maulana Sulaiman, a renowned Islamic scholar and physician. Later, he became a disciple of Maulana Khairuddin for formal education in medicine and studied in his pharmacy for many years.

After completing his medical studies, Abdullah opened his own hospital in his city. Hakeem Abdullah established a large publishing house in Lahore for the publication of useful medical books and named it Sulaimani Publications.

This institution has published very valuable books for the promotion of Oriental medicine to lovers of medical knowledge. Apart from this, Hakeem Abdullah established hospitals for the treatment of poor patients in several cities of Punjab where the patients are treated with great compassion.

Hakeem Abdullah:

Hakeem Sahib was a religious man who believed in serving humanity. He used to treat poor patients for free. Hakeem Abdullah has done a lot of research work for the promotion of oriental medicine. Hakeem Sahib has written more than a dozen medical books. Following are the names of his famous medical books.

  • Kanzul Mujarrabat
  • Kanzul Mufradat
  • Halfia Mujarbat
  • Hindustani Jari Bootion Ke Ajeeb o Ghareeb Fawaid
  • Phalon Se Ilaj
  • Sabzion Se Ilaj
  • Phoolon Se Ilaj
  •  Ghaza or Parhaiz

Hakeem Abdullah, a renowned physician of the sub-continent, died in 1974 in Lahore. Soleimani Pharmacy in Lahore is his memorial where his son Hakeem Abdul Waheed Soleimani is running his hospital.

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