Khawab aur Khushboo Novel by Wahiba Fatima

Book Name: Khwab Aur Khushbu

The Writer: Wahiba Fatima

Introduction of the Novel:

Khwab Aur Khushbu is an excellent and beautiful Urdu novel written by Wahiba Fatima, a well-known Urdu novelist. It is a family novel story with various characters. The novel under review is a digest serial novel which is a local Urdu digest. It has been published in the digest.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this novel is a girl named Vanya. She is very much in love with her father’s friend Shafan. The girl’s father is a selfish person who has left his family alone. In difficult situations, his father’s friend Shafan helps him a lot. He is a psychologist by profession and a very compassionate person.

Wahiba Fatima Novels:

Vanya is an intelligent student with a brilliant academic career. She is studying at a big university in the city where other students in her neighborhood are also studying. Vanya has a lot of love for Shafan since childhood but she doesn’t let anyone know that she is in love with him.

Until he did not reveal this to Shafan. Vanya is a very innocent and beautiful girl, and the person she meets falls under the charm of her personality. Another important character in the story of the novel is the young girl Maya. Maya is Shafan’s friend and loves him very much.

Khwab or Khushboo Novel Season 2:

They have a very good friendship and soon Maya and Shafan are going to get married. Vanya doesn’t know much about their mutual friendship. Unfortunately, Vanya doesn’t get a chance to tell Shafan how much she loves him.

By the time he gets the chance to express his love, time is running out of his hands because now Shafan has committed to marry Maya. He does not get the fruits of Vanya’s one-sided love. The writer of the novel tells us this. Sometimes a person is not able to convey his emotions and feelings to others until time passes.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Wahiba Fatima is a popular novelist and story writer of Urdu language and literature. He belongs to the city of Karachi in Pakistan. She is a graduate of a private university in Karachi.

She mostly writes novels on social issues and the married life of women. So far, more than fifteen of his novels have been published in the market. The most important feature of the novels written by him is that they are about the youth and their life.

Initially, she published her novels and stories on her Facebook page. Now she mostly writes novels for women’s magazines. These novels are regularly published every month in the form of episodes in magazines. Urdu short stories written by him have also become very popular among readers.

In the literary and academic circles of Karachi, Wahiba Fatima is a well-known name in Urdu novels. Common problems of the young generation, romance, married life, domestic problems, and forced marriage, are the main themes of her novels.

Wahiba Fatima Novels List:

  1. Khooni Ishq
  2. Atish e Ishq
  3. Wehshat e Ishq
  4. Shah e Man
  5. Khawab e Ishqam
  6. Khawab aur Khushbu
  7. Bloody Love
  8. Momin Ki Guria
  9. Hubb e Anid

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