Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya Novel by Umera Ahmad PDF

Book Name: Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya 

The Writer: Umera Ahmed

Introduction to the Book:

Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya is one of the most popular and high-quality novels by Umera Ahmed. It is a social romantic novel that tells the story of mutual love between a boy and a girl. The main character of the story of the novel is a girl from a rich family who falls in love with a young man from a poor family.

The young man is very poor and is unable to promise to provide the girl with the necessities of life. This is the reason why their love story remains incomplete. The story of the novel revolves between a boy and a girl whose names are Farooq and Shehla. Shehla loves Farooq very much and wants to make him her life partner.

But Farooq’s financial position is very weak and he is not in a position to fulfill his dream of getting her. However, despite being poor, Shehla is determined to make him her life partner. Shehla’s parents are planning to get her married into a rich family. They do not like Farooq and have forbidden Shehla from marrying him.

Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya Novel by Umera Ahmad:

Shehla is very upset at her parent’s opposition to the marriage. Her parents married her into a large industrialist family. Farooq is also saddened by the loss of Shehla’s love and feels guilty about it. After a failed love affair with Shehla, another girl named Maleeha enters Farooq’s life. She is a serious and educated girl.

His parents belong to a middle-class family, but they have given their children a high education. Farooq is very happy to have Maleeha and he is relieved of his sorrows and worries. He believes that it is Allah Almighty. There are decisions about who he couples with whom. He says that couples are made in the heavens, so one should be satisfied with the pleasure of Allah.

Author’s Introduction:

Umera Ahmed is a famous Pakistani novelist of Urdu literature. She mostly writes novels related to social and women’s issues. In addition, she has also written many novels related to spirituality and Islamism. Umera Ahmed belongs to Gujranwala city of Punjab province of Pakistan.

She received her primary education in her hometown Gujranwala. Later she moved to Sialkot for her higher education. There she obtained her graduation degree from Murray College Sialkot. After that, she came to Lahore and got admission to Government College University.

He obtained his master’s degree in English language and literature from this university. Umera Ahmed started writing at an early age. For a long time, his novels were published in the form of episodes in digests published from Lahore. She has written more than fifty books so far.

Her romantic novels are very popular among readers. The novel Peer e Kamil is the most popular romantic and spiritual novel. Several editions of her books have been published. Some of her books have been declared as best-selling books of the year.

Famous novels of Umera Ahmed are the following.

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  • Dana pani
  • Man o Salwa
  • Aab e Hayat
  • Qaid e Tanhai
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  • Kankar

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